10 space hacks for your tiny Singapore flat

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    Living in small spaces
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    Think houses are getting smaller in Singapore? With resilient property prices, home developers are likely to continue to find creative ways to ‘shrink’ homes in order to make them more affordable. Shoebox condos and single flats are also becoming a mainstay in land scarce and increasingly densely populated Singapore. But while we can’t grow the size of our current homes, we can certainly be creative in the ways we use that limited space. Here are 10 tips to maximise your living space.

    1. Folding tables

    We simply love this stylish, sturdy and space-saving design — and you probably would too.


    2. Hide the bed too

    Why stop at folding tables? Go for a retractable bed too. Your stay-over guest will be impressed.


    3. Revolving TV panel

    Especially awesome (and way cool) for studio apartments, a revolving TV console not only lets you watch TV in the bedroom or living room with a simple swivel of the panel, but also works to demarcate your living space.


    4. Bay windows

    If you’re stuck with one of these space-eaters, find ways to convert the ‘dead space’.



    5. Shelve it

    Shelves are the one of the most versatile ways to convert a wall into a storage space or a small work space. Free up precious floor space by installing shelves higher up.


    6. Double duty furniture

    One piece, dual use. Give us some of that now!



    7. Stack ’em up

    The good news is double-deck beds don’t have to resemble Prison Break bunks. The not-so-good news is you’ll still have to deal with your kids fighting for the top position.


    8. Rolling storage rack

    Sneak one of those roll-in, roll-out racks between your fridge and kitchen cabinet. Good for storing all your canned foods, spice bottles and other knick knack.


    9. What? You have a balcony too?

    Apparently no balcony is too small for these clever designers who have come up with smart ways to turn that outdoor space into a mini bbq station or work/ chill out corner.


    10. Make it look bigger than it is

    ‘Open’ up a living space by tricking the eye into thinking the space is bigger than it is by positioning mirrors strategically around the house, painting the walls in a light colour or using a stripped carpet to elongate a room.




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