11 outrageous phone covers for every foodie

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    Ice cream iPhone covers that looks good enough to eat!

    From sushi platter to mouthwatering desserts, here are 11 handphone covers to squelch every food craving. Best part about them? They add bulk to your phone – not waistline.

    1. Catch of the day

    Added bonus: We don’t see how you can lose your phone – ever.

    How much for a kilo?
    Pass the butter dip please


    2. Oooh-nagi

    Added bonus: Perhaps the most sustainable way to ‘consume’ the Japanese eel, which is dwindling in numbers?

    Make that extra saucy

    3. Make that a platter

    Added bonus: Go on, have as much sushi as you like. Mercury levels won’t be a concern.

    Sushi, anyone?


    4. Haute fries to go with that?

    Added Bonus: This designer fries cover by Moschino may go out of style but it’ll always stay haute.

    Fashionable fast food calling

    5. Carrot never looked this appealing

    Added bonus: Possibly the simplest way to incorporate veggies into your diet.

    A tribute to Steve Jobs’ carrot-only diet days

    6. Filled with frosty goodness

    Added bonus: Looking cool on a hot day has never been this effortless.

    I heard they’re coming out with a green tea flavour next

    7. Look ma, no greasy fingers and squirting mustard

    Added bonus: Turn a regular item such as a sausage bun into a conversational piece.

    We use only gourmet sausages

    8. Make every call a fruitful one

    Added bonus: You get to enjoy the fruit without having to cut through the spikes.

    Tropical surprise!

    9. Have your cake, just don’t eat it

    Added bonus: A handy, if lame, stand-in when you forgot your friend’s birthday cake.

    How many candles again?

    10. Choc-a-block

    Added bonus: Choosing from a box of pralines is hard to do. This phone cover designer made sure you get milk, dark and strawberry chocolate flavours all at once.

    Godiva’s new offering?

    11. Strictly for meat lovers

    Added bonus: Closet Lady Gaga fans can show their support for Mother Monster’s quirky fashion sense in a subtle way with this meaty phone sleeve.

    Lady gaga just made meat fashionable
    You’ll never go wrong with bacon