11 TVB celebrities who look like home furnishing

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These TVB actresses are also great homemakers

We’re pretty sure these TVB actresses got their wardrobe inspiration while shopping at a home décor store. How else do you explain the similarities?

1. Tavia Yeung — touched to be lighting up her fan’s lives

Tavia Yeung

 2. Mandy Wong’s green chandelier dress is all the rage now

Mandy Wong

3. Michelle Yim would agree

Michelle Yim

4. Fala Chen — all girly in rosettes

Fala Chen

5. Myolie Wu’s dress is fit for a princess, as is this bed

Myolie Wu

Nice drapes, Myolie

Myolie Wu

6. Who could deny that veteran actress Ada Choi has earned her stripes in the acting world?

Ada Choi

7. Bow in tow for Charmaine Sheh and chair

Charmaine Sheh

8. Kate Tsui — pouty in pom pom

Kate Tsui

9. Linda Chung — totally at home in red gingham checks

Linda Chung

10. Lounging in style, Niki Chow?

Niki Chow
Lounging in style, Niki Chow?

11. Nothing shows off Shirley Yeung’s curves better than a bright yellow dress

Shirley Yeung