5 good reasons to give Uniqlo Re-Jean a try

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    Most people tend to focus on the cut when they shop for jeans. But while we all love a good fit, it isn’t our only consideration. We are also conscious of the comfort and durability of our denim. As we go in search of the perfect pair, we gave the newly launched Uniqlo Re-Jean a spin. Here’s our take on them.

    1. Fit

    Miracle Air Skinny Fit Tapered Jeans for men
    Miracle Air Skinny Fit Tapered Jeans for men

    We think the men’s collection offers better cut on the whole, Ranging from the slimmer ‘Miracle Air Skinny Fit Tapered Jeans’ to the more relaxed ‘Loose Fit Tapered Jeans’, they cater well to most figures.

    However, we were slightly disappointed with the ladies”Smart Fit Jeans’. They were neither flare enough to channel the boyfriend jeans vibe nor slim enough to hug our curves.  Looks wise, we just didn’t feel too hot in them. If you have a smaller frame, check out the “Ultra Stretch Jeans’ or ‘Slim Fit Jeans’ or go for the ‘Slim Boyfriend Fit Ankle Length Jean’ for a more relaxed look.

    Smart Shape Jeans for ladies
    Smart Shape Jeans for ladies

    2. Price

    At $59.90, Uniqlo jeans are not the cheapest but the good quality fabric makes them well worth the price. In fact, we think the range of fabrics used for the various Uniqlo jeans beat those of many pricier brands we’ve tried. Did we mention that the jeans are very stretchable too? To demonstrate this, Uniqlo got its models to perform rock climbing while donning their jeans. A pretty cool idea!

    3. Comfort

    UNIQLO Re-Jean

    Uniqlo aces the comfort factor. They are soft enough to wear even on an 16-hour flight. Any softer, you’ll have to go for jeggings — not a look we’d recommend. We also love that the jeans are light enough for our hot and humid climate. This is especially so for the ‘Miracle Air Denim’ range, which is made from fibre that are 55% hollow in the centre, making them 20% lighter than regular denim. Compared to our other jeans, our legs didn’t feel ‘suffocated’ under them when we were out and about.

    4. Colour

    Depending on the cut, the jeans come in a variety of washes and colours ranging from white, light blue, dark blue to black. We’re quite happy with the selection on the whole, although we wished there were more light blue shades to choose from.

    5. Durability

    By durability, we mean how long the jeans stay in shape. So far, ours have kept their shaped after repeated washes. Like most good quality denim, our Uniqlo jeans gave a little after repeated wearing but went back to their snug fit after every wash.

    Womens' Slim Boyfriend Fit Ankle Length Jeans
    Womens’ Slim Boyfriend Fit Ankle Length Jeans



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