6 hottest tech wearables now

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    Tech Wearables: Misfit Shine

    Tech wearables is one of the hottest tech trends today with a slew of companies like Samsung, Google and Apple hopping onto the bandwagon. In a few short months following the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Gear and Google Glass, wearable tech has made even more advancements and both on the technology and aesthetics fronts. With the much rumoured iWatch from Apple in the making, the tech wearables market is setting out to be the next hotly contested space after smartphones and tablets. We look at some of the hottest tech wearables in the market today.

    Misfit Shine

    We think the Misfit Shine is one of the most fashionable wearables in the market right now. Design-wise, Misfit Shine is gorgeous — in a minimalistic kind of way. Its matte metallic finish, fashioned out of a solid block of air-craft grade aluminum coupled with its button-less design, makes it look like a piece of alien technology. Shine is not just all looks. This high-tech ‘macaroon’ also functions as a clock as well as a waterproof tracker that can measure your activities such as walking, running, swimming and cycling.

    To use Shine, you simply tap on the metallic surface to activate a ring of lights. The lights will then change its display depending on the function you are using. For example, double-tapping Shine will show you the time and triple-tapping initiates sleep tracking.

    For US$99.99, you get the Misfit Shine, a silicone sports band and a magnetic clasp. For an additional US$49.95, Shine doubles up as a pendant with the sport necklace accessory. Buy it now at store.misfit.com.

    Smarty Ring

    Tech Wearables: Smarty Ring Tech Wearables: Smarty Ring

    If searching for your phone in your bag or pulling out your phone every 30 seconds to check for messages or notifications is starting to bother you (or your partner), Smarty Ring might just be the device you need. Running on Bluetooth 4.0 technology, this waterproof ring notifies you of incoming calls, alerts you when you receive a text message and email as well as provides real-time updates from Facebook, Twitter, Hangout and even Skype.

    What’s more, your date will no longer be irritated by you checking your phone every time they take a sip of water. For muddle-heads who are always in danger of losing their phone, Smarty Ring beeps when your phone is more than 30 feet away from you. Order a couple pair for US$475 or a single ring for US$275. For more information, go to smartyring.com.

    Motorola Moto 360

    Tech Wearables: Motorola Moto 360 moto-360-1

    The Moto 360 is definitely one of the most desirable wearbles on this list. Looking more like a luxury watch than a smartwatch, the Moto 360 oozes style by adopting a circular watch face unlike the hordes of smartwatches touting square-shaped screens.

    Based on the limited information revealed by Motorola, it would seemed that Motorola’s first Android Wear device will come with the option of the ultramodern gunmetal metallic design or classic leather wristwatch look. To keep it as sleek as possible, the watch recharges using magnetic induction instead of unsightly charging ports.

    Our only gripe is that the watch from Motorola can’t come soon enough. And judging from the intense speculations online on its possible features, the Motorola Moto 360 is poised to spearhead tech wearbles in a big way. The watch is slated to hit stores in Sep – Oct 2014 and expected to cost between US$250 – US$350. To register your interest, sign up for updates at moto360.motorola.com.

    Pebble Steel

    Pebble Steel is the latest smartwatch from the company that brought you the popular Pebble watch. The Pebble Steel is crafted with milled stainless steel and finished with Corning Gorilla Glass that makes it scratch resistant. Compatible with Android and iOS devices, Pebble Steel features a black and white e-paper display, a vibrating motor, a magnetometer, ambient light sensors and an accelerometer that allows the watch to track your workouts and activities. And unlike its leather strap cousins, the Pebble Steel is water-resistant as well.

    Available in brushed stainless steel and matte black, we’d like to think of the Pebble Steel as an executive version of the original Pebble. You can order yours at getpebble.com/steel for US$249.

    Basis Band

    Tech Wearables: Basis Band

    If the Misfit Shine offers the most basic form of activity tracking, then the Basis is a supercharged health tracker. Under its glossy thermoplastic surface, the Basis band houses the most advanced sensors on the market, capturing heart rate patterns, motion, calorie count, sleep patterns and even your perspiration and skin temperature.

    Basis captures and analyses your health data and encourages you to make incremental changes to your lifestyle to create healthy habits that stick. So whether your aim is to sleep better or to build a superhuman body, Basis keeps tabs on you and pushes you towards those goals. You can get the Basis Band for US$149.99 with free shipping at store.mybasis.com.

    Jaybird Reign

    Tech Wearables: Jaybird Reign

    Jaybird’s Reign marks the Bluetooth maker’s foray into wearable tech. Two of the most interesting features of Reign is Tonight’s Sleep and Go-Zone. Tonight’s Sleep knows how much sleep you need at night so that you can perform at your optimum level the next day. The Go-Zone feature monitors and tells you whether your body is ready to exercise. The Reign is also quite the looker with its light highly flexible and adjustable band that magnetically snaps together to fit onto your wrist securely.

    The Reign communicates and syncs tracking data with your Apple or Android phone through Bluetooth over a companion app. Reign starts shipping in the later part of 2014 for US$199. To find out more, go to Jaybird Reign.