Armpit selfies: what is this world coming to?

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    armpit selfies
    Carrie Kellenberger @flickr

    Armpit selfies are all the craze right now in China, and God only know what these ladies are thinking.

    Chinese social media platform, Weibo, has exploded with pictures of Chinese girls showing off their hairy pits, and it’s something that baffles us.

    Photo: Weibo

    Just for the record, we’ve got nothing against girls wanting to leave their pits hairy – it’s their choice and we’ve got no right to judge otherwise. But why post it all over social media for the world to see?

    Photo: Weibo

    Photo: Weibo

    From what we understand, these girls actually “compete” amongst each other, probably to see whose would be bushier. Youngsters are certainly getting creative these days.


    Photo: Weibo

    To be fair, these ladies look like they’re enjoying it – and dare we say… rockin’ it.


    Would you post your armpit selfie on social media? Let us know in the comments below.

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