3 awesome key holders that will put all your keychains to shame

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    KeyDisk 2

    If for some reason, you are into clanging, jingling and carrying bulky bunches of keys around all day long, this feature is probably not for you. But if you don’t have the fashion sense of a janitor or prison warden, here are 3 cool ways to carry your keys without the bulk or risk tearing your designer bag and pants pockets.


    Suitable for most keys, the KeySmart key holder can hold between 2 to a whopping 100 keys. The key holder operates like a Swiss Army knife and protects you from the jagged edges of keys by stowing it inside its ‘body’. Handmade in Chicago, you can even request for add-ons like a bottle opener, quick release lanyard or USB drive. Removing and changing keys require some work but it is totally worth the effort. Order yours at getkeysmart.com for S$25.90.

    KeySmart key holder KeySmart with USB

    KeyDisk 2

    Building on the success of the original KeyDisk, KeyDisk Co. has successfully completed another round of funding on Kickstarter for KeyDisk 2. Making improvements to the previous design, the KeyDisk 2 is now more compact, sleek and ergonomic. An innovative key holder that can sandwich up to nine keys in between two anodised aluminum panels, KeyDisk 2 comes in Gunmetal Gray and Onyx Black. Other than providing protection to your keys and preventing them from scratching other items, 3-leaf clover-like opening can also be used as a bottle opener. Unfold all the keys and use it as a ninja shuriken (Japanese dart). Order yours for S$39 (USD29) at key-disk.com.



    Orbitkey by Rushfaster

    There is nothing high-tech or groundbreaking about the Orbitkey key ring – it is basically a band that holds a bunch of keys together — and it works just fine. The Orbitkey was conceptualised by founder Charles Ng who hated carrying a bunch of rattling keys using the far from perfect ‘key ring’. Using a unique locking mechanism to hold your keys together (up to 7 keys), it provided a simple and elegant way to stop keys from jingling. Available in various leather (from S$53.90) and elastomer ($39.90) colours, Rushfaster also provides add-ons like bottle opener (S$10) and USB Key (S$47 for 32GB). Order yours at orbitkey.com.