B&O’s Beoplay M5 wireless speaker is a loud and beautiful cylinder

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    B&O Beoplay m5 on kitchen top

    Bang & Olufsen’s BeoPlay line has been very busy with new products recently. Shortly after the release of its BeoPlay H9 wireless over-ear headphones, the sub-brand from the Danish company is now rolling out its new premium wireless speaker called BeoPlay M5 with an equally premium price of S$899.

    The M5 offers a few ways to connect your music. You can sync over Bluetooth, Apple AirPlay, Spotify Connect, QPlay 2.02 or Beolink Multiroom from B&O. To make it worth the price, BeoPlay M5 also comes with Chromecast built-in, allowing access to a huge library of songs from music streaming services like Spotify, Google Play Music and Pandora. If you have other Chromecast supported speakers, the M5 can become part of a multi-room audio setup. We managed to connect both our iPhones and Android phones easily and the detection of the speaker was quick as well.

    “The design of B&O PLAY M5 is inspired by the way people use sound in their everyday lives – as a natural focal point for the family. The shape signals that sound is projected from all angles and visually, it can blend in or stand out in your home depending on personal preferences”, says the award-winning Danish industrial designer Cecilie Manz.

    Beoplay M5 wool cover
    Simply slip out the Beoplay M5 cover to change out the wool cover to one that suits your home or room
    BeoPlay M5 in Natural
    BeoPlay M5 in Natural

    The minimalist looking cylindrical speaker is covered in a premium and acoustically transparent wool-blend fabric from Danish high-end manufacturer Kvadrat similar to the wave-shaped BeoPlay A6. According to the company, the cover can easily be replaced to fit your interior decorations. Like a lot of B&O speakers, the M5 allows you to enjoy the same sound quality no matter where your speaker is placed. The top of the speaker where the controls are placed is a beautiful matte-looking disc that has been pearl blasted and anodized aluminium. Using the device it pretty straightforward. Turning the disc left or right will adjust the volume while pressing it down will play or pause the track you are listening to. Don’t be fooled by its seemingly lightweight design. At 19cm in height, the speaker is a lot heftier than it looks.

    Straight out the the box, the M5 is surprisingly heavy on the bass. In fact, all we hear is bass when we first stream our Spotify playlist over the meek looking speaker. We were looking for a sleek device much like the M5 to liven up the mood when we cook but the bass seems to be adding noise rather than complementing our ‘wok’ in the kitchen. Fortunately, with the BeoPlay app you can dial the bass down and EQ the premium wireless speaker to your liking. With some minor tweaks we were able to appreciate the full spectrum of notes and a solid and rich B&O sound that we love. The sound delivered through three tweeters, a full range front facing midrange driver and a powerful 5” neodymium powered woofer is certainly impressive and we feel that to do it justice, you may have to crank up the volume a little and let the music feel the room.

    The B&O PLAY M5 is more than just a high-end wireless speaker. It can be a great home decor statement piece of device to place in any home. Sure, there may be many other music systems that sounds just as good or better at the same price point but nothing quite as visually pleasing. If you can afford the premium price of S$899,  Beoplay M5 is certainly a great addition to the home.

    B&O PLAY M5 comes in Natural and Black and is available now at Bang & Olufsen Grand Hyatt and Takashimaya.