A wardrobe that cleans your clothes

    LG Styler

    Hands up those who want a wardrobe that cleans your clothes for you.

    Well, your wish is about to come true with LG’s Styler Wardrobe, introduced at CES 2015. The wardrobe is fitted with LG’s clothes care system designed to help clean clothes without water or detergent. Instead it uses a hot steam spray technology, the same one used in some of the brand’s washers and dryers.

    Can it clean your clothes properly this way, you ask? According to LG, the technology is said to be able to get rid of 99.9 per cent of germs and bacteria. We’re not sure what the other 0.1 per cent is but it sure sounds darn clean to us.

    The Styler, which looks like a really sleek refrigerator on the outside, is also said to be effective at removing icky odour caused by smoke, sweat and food. 

    Best feature of all — the wardrobe also helps you ‘iron’ your clothes with its ‘easy pants crease care’ function for trousers and the ‘moving hanger action’ feature for the rest of your clothes.

    There’s no word on pricing yet but we’re can’t wait for it to be available in Singapore soon.

    LG Styler clothing care system