Chanel bags to invest in this Fall/Winter season and beyond

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    Chanel fans, we can almost hear you squeal in delight at the recently launched Fall/Winter 2015/16 Chanel bags collection on their website.

    Indeed, we are just as excited over the range of drool-worthy arm candies. If you’re shopping for a bag to invest in this season, check out our take on the Chanel Fall/Winter 2015/16 bag collection.

    The everyday warrior

    They say you can never go wrong with classics. That’s why the new range of 2.55 Chanel Flap Bags gets our top vote as the dream everyday bag. We like how Chanel has given classics a twist this season by incorporating its signature tweed fabric into the ‘Tweed 2.55 Flap Bags’ (from US$3,000). The ‘Boy Chanel’ range with the black and white braided fabric is also an excellent choice, particularly if you’re after the vintage look.

    Chanel Tweed 2.55 flap bags
    Boy Chanel with braided fabric

    The power career woman

    If power suits and formal ensembles are your wardrobe staples, you’ll find a good match with the large ‘Calfskin Chanel Bowling Bag with Shoulder Strap’, priced at $4,000 or the ‘Grosgrain and Satin Chanel Shopping Bag’ embellished with tone on tone enamel CC clasp ($3,000).

    Calfskin Chanel Bowling Bag with Shoulder Strap
    Grosgrain and Satin Chanel Shopping Bag

    The weekender

    Hunting for a bag to bring along to your tea sessions with the ladies or a night out in town with your date? The ‘Calfskin Chanel Flap Bags with Enamel Handle’, priced at US$4,200, or the ‘Wool and calfskin Chanel Clutch’ embellished with a “Tabatière” Clasp (US$2,600) fit the bill perfectly. At first look, we like how the two designs are differentiated from the classic Chanel bag designs, yet still manage to channel the classy elements that are quintessential to all things Chanel.

    Calfskin Chanel Flap Bags with Enamel Handle
    Wool and calfskin Chanel Clutch with “Tabatière” Clasp

    Luxe babe

    For you, only the best will do — even if it means shelling out top moolah for what you truly like — especially if it sets you apart from the rest. Go for the ‘Brass Chanel Minaudière with Interlaces Leather Trim’ (US$7,000) or ‘large Chanel Flap Bag’ featuring exotic ‘Iridescent Alligator’ skin. But above all, the ‘Boy Chanel Flap Bag with Metallic Glass and Pearl Embroideries’ is our favourite. Price by request at Chanel for the latter two bags. Only caveat for the Minaudière and Boy Chanel: at 11-14.5 cm in length, the bags are rather small and may not be suited for work — that’s assuming you’re not a tai tai.

    Large Chanel flap bag in Iridescent Alligator
    Boy Chanel Flap Bag with Metallic Glass and Pearl Embroideries

    The girly girl

    For the girly type who loves bows and isn’t afraid to show it, the ‘Draped Fabric Chanel Flap Bag by Lemarié’, priced at US$5,500 is probably your best bet. Thanks to its muted black colour, it is pretty without being over the top.

    Draped Fabric Chanel Flap Bag by Lemarié

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