Chanel slashes prices in Asia due to worldwide price alignment

    Chanel Classic Flap Bag
    Chanel Classic Flap Bag

    Come 8 April, it will cost less to buy a Chanel bag in Asia.

    This is all thanks to a worldwide price harmonisation move by Chanel to help the luxury fashion label move a step closer to developing its global online shopping platform.

    The price change will take effect in stages, with three of its signature bags: 2.55, 11.12 and the Boy taking the lead. By the end of 2015, prices for all of Chanel’s products will be aligned across the world, although some online reports say there will likely be a 10% price variation due to matters like fluctuations in exchange rates.

    Bloomberg recently reported that queues are forming at a Chanel boutique in Hong Kong after it slashed prices by around 20% for some of its bags.

    This is all good news for Chanel fans, who won’t have to ask friends travelling to Europe to buy home Chanel bags on their behalf since the price difference will be minimal. Brand enthusiasts, we know what you’re thinking — but there’s no news yet whether other luxury bands will do the same.

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