Christian Louboutin to kick asses of those who copy its iconic red sole design in Singapore

    christian louboutin

    Ladies, look under the soles of your shoes. If it’s red — and not from Christian Louboutin — chances are you could be wearing ‘pirated’ shoes.

    In 2012, the luxury French shoe brand won a court battle to uphold its trademark red outsole. But it was not until recently that an ad was taken in the Singapore Straits Times to warn shoemakers against infringing the trademark. It also said that it would not hesistate to take action against anyone dealing in copycat products of the brand. In Singapore, a pair of its classic pigalle pumps costs around S$1,000.

    Just how common are Louboutin copycats in Singapore? A quick check on the online sites of some popular brands here such as Charles & Keith, Pazzion, Mitju and Heatwave reveal that they do not carry such design. A surprise, really, considering the design was all the rage a few years ago. We won’t mention names but we’ve definitely seen the design on some local brands.