This surprisingly simple trick lets you cycle in a skirt without flashing someone

    Cycle in a skirt
    Woosh, no more embarrassing upskirt moments

    Yes, ladies, it’s possible to cycle in a skirt without flashing other unwitting road users. All you need is a coin and a rubber band. It works even during those tricky on, off-the-bike moments. This video by L.V. Anderson on Slate will show you how it works.

    Another elegant way for ladies to zip around town is the Solowheel, a self-powered unicycle that lets you travel up to 19KM per hour. But this mode of transport will set you back US$1,995 on Inventist. We also hear the Solowheel takes some practicing before you can get the hang of it.

    Woman on Solowheel
    Another nifty way to zip around town