Drinking too much water can kill you

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    Contrary to what a lot of health sites are telling you, drinking too much water can actually be bad for you.

    Aquaholics or ‘water addicts’ who guzzle down more than 1.5-2 litres of fluids a day to enhance their health may actually be doing their bodies a disservice — something health experts are warning against.

    More specifically, overdosing on water can cause you to sweat excessively, lose sleep and lead to blood dilution. A potentially fatal condition known as ‘water poisoning’ can occur with excessive drinking where the imbalance in salt levels causes the liquid to move from your blood to inside your cells, making them swell.

    So how much water is enough? Apparently there’s no hard and fast rule. It depends on each individual, their physical size and level of physical activity. One of the ways to gauge is to check the colour of your urine. If it’s a shade of clear, light yellow, you are consuming the right amount. Dark, concentrated urine is a sign of not drinking enough, while clear and frequent urination is a sign of excessive fluid consumption. Just bear in mind that fluids like tea, juices and even liquid from fruit and vegetables count towards liquid consumption. Wine, however, is a different story as alcohol dehydrates you.



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