No clue where to buy that jacket your favourite celebrity is wearing? Maybe Goxip can help

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    We once had a great idea. The idea was to create a platform that will allow you to shop immediately what a celebrity, models and fashion evangelist is wearing or at least tells you where you can get them. So when we found out that Goxip, a mobile-first shopping and discovery app had launch the service, we were excited and green with envy that the team at Goxip managed to make good that idea.

    Here’s how Goxip works

    The idea behind it is pretty straightforward. Browse through the app’s Instagram-esque curated celebrity style feeds and “snaps” uploaded by other users to select something you want. The app will then match and recommends similar products from over 2 million items using their image recognition technology. Take for example you are looking through Jun Ji-hyun’s feed and you are all over her #ootd. You can now purchase the look using the app who has already over 15,000 designer brands including NET-A-PORTER, Topshop, Nordstrom and Shopbop. The platform also allows you to share your #ootd and outfits on their platform with other “Goxip-ers”.

    Having a service that will let you know who is wearing what and where to get the item is definitely more effective and saves you a great amount of time when compared to searching randomly online. Usually, when you see someone wearing something you like, you start by searching the internet using sentences like “black skirt with red and blue flora prints” or “blue denim jacket Korean celebrity” and then combing through a barrage of results. We believe the Goxip concept is going to change that and make life easier for fashion shoppers. We have yet to try out just how seamless this experience is but we will update you on this article when we do. 

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    Goxip is currently on Android only

    Goxip website screenshot showing celebrity Nana

    Goxip website screenshot showing celebrity Jun Ji-hyun

    Juliette Gimenez, co-founder and CEO of Goxip says that current ecommerce models like Zalora and other aggregators are “search centric” are not ideal for shopping fashion. “If I’m scrolling through Instagram and want to purchase a shirt on an obscure Thai celebrity, I would have no clue how to find it. The journey from fashion inspiration to check-out is incredibly common but no one has offered a viable solution”.

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