Why isn’t Louis Vuitton’s Damier print trademarked?

    Image source: Jesse Freeman, Flickr

    It’s often said that simple designs are the best. That, however, didn’t work out too well for Louis Vuitton.

    Well, at least not in terms of the brand’s attempt to file for a trademark registration for its popular checkerboard pattern, known as the Damier print.

    In 2008, the luxury label successfully filed a trademark over the design, only for the protection to be challenged and overthrown by another retailer on the grounds that it was “too simple of a pattern”, according to racked.com. It also didn’t help that similar checkerboard designs were rather commonly applied to various other products. Louis Vuitton has since been trying to file a trademark for the Damier print but the latest attempt has once again proved to be futile, as it was thrown out by the EU General Court.

    Failure to secure a trademark registration for the design leaves the brand vulnerable to counterfeits and copycat designs by competitors.