Man changes hairstyle to attract woman, becomes Minecraft character instead

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    Square hairstyle

    So the story goes that 54 year old Taiwanese male Wu, had been rejected by a younger woman because of his age. Not knowing the exact level of embarrassment to stop at, the medical laboratory scientist at National Taiwan University Hospital (who earns a rather attractive monthly income of TWD70,000) came up with the greatest master plan in all of seduction history: look younger with a fresh new haircut, amirite guys?!?!?!

    Well… that didn’t work out so well. Instead of making himself look, say 10 years younger, Wu now looks like:

    1. A Minecraft character

    The resemblance is uncanny.

    2. The stone that Excalibur was stuck in


    3. A Hammerhead shark

    This is what happens when you feed sharks on a diet of ‘riods

    It’s safe to say that the hairstyle plan hasn’t worked out so well for Wu in the skirt-chasing department. However, Wu has become somewhat of an accidental celebrity in his homeland of Taiwan. Here’s a video from a very intrigued Taiwanese individual who chanced upon Wu.

    Reportedly, Wu needs a ridiculous two cans of gel and spends about 2 hours styling his hair. He can only comb his hair once every 15 days.