You won’t believe how much you can pack into Moshi Arcus backpack

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    Don’t be deceived by the petite look of this bag. It packs a laptop, a DSLR camera with lenses, magazines, headphones and then some.

    Moshi Arcus multi-functional backpack is inspired by the shape of arcus clouds. The full-sized backpack is lightweight and can house all sorts of things an urbanite possesses. The backpack basically has three main compartments, a crush-resistant compartment for storing sunglasses, headphones, and other delicate items, a top-loading main section for jackets, workout clothes, books, and even shoes and a side-loading panel for easy access to hard-to-reach items that are typically reside at the deepest bottom. The length of the backpack also comes with independent shock-absorbing pockets that you can slip in your 15-inch laptop, tablet and smartphone.

    For photographers who frequently carries a backpack for gadgets, electronics and a separate sling bag for camera and gear, the Moshi Arcus backpack is a great item to have. This backpack’s side pocket can easily hold a full-sized DSLR and a couple of the lenses you frequently use with room to spare.

    Moshi Arcus Backpack in Black
    Moshi Arcus Backpack in Titanium Gray
    Titanium Gray

    The Arcus is not just good for packing lots of stuff. A lot of thought has been put into the details to come up with such a multi-functional backpack. It has an adjustable sternum strap for extra stability and comfort when carrying heavier loads, attachment points for carabiners, smartphone mounts, or other strap-on accessories and an elasticised side pocket that holds a tripod, umbrella, or water bottle. There are two discreet zippered pockets at the back of the bag perfect for stowing important items like a passport or wallet as well.

    On top of that, Arcus’ stylish and minimalist-looking design is also a winner. We love both the modern titanium gray and discreet black colours. Moshi Arcus backpack is selling for S$315. For more details, go to Moshi Arcus.