Pretty Nike cherry blossom sneakers to spruce up your look

    Just when you thought you’ve seen everything that can possibly be inspired by cherry blossom, Nike launches 3 sneakers models donning lovely pink and light blue Cherry Blossom prints.

    The sakura patterned sneakers are available in women’s sizing in the Toki slip-on, the Roshe One and classic Cortez. The range of sneakers are launched to honour the annual springtime event in Japan.

    Nike Cherry Blossom sneakers Roshe
    Roshe One

    The Nike cherry blossom sneakers are available at Rock city kicks, which ships overseas, for US$65-85. But last we checked, the Toki slip-on and Roshe One are already out! So hurry if you’re interested to grab the classic Cortez.

    Nike Cherry Blossom sneakers Nike_TokiSlip
    Toki slip-on

    Nike cherry blossom Toki Slip

    Nike Cherry Blossom sneakers Cortez
    Classic Cortez

    Nike cherry blossom Cortez