PAUL & JOE + Starbucks Collection is the reason why we can never stop buying mugs

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    PAUL & JOE + Starbucks Collection

    The new PAUL & JOE + Starbucks collection is so outrageously adorable it’s tempting us to buy yet another mug!

    To celebrate Spring, this PAUL & JOE + Starbucks collection of mugs and tote bad come in soft pastel designs featuring sakura and other flowers of the season. The limited edition series comes in baby blue, bright red and light pink. We found the pink one extra irresistible as it also features Paul & Joe’s founder, Sophie Mechaly’s pet cat Gipsy.

    The merchandise are available in double-walled new bone China ceramic mug, stainless steel tumbler and small cotton tote. Prices range from $19.90 for the tote bag to $49.90 for the tumbler.

    PAUL & JOE + Starbucks Double Walled Mugs

    PAUL & JOE + Starbucks Double Walled Mugs (12 oz), $39.90

    PAUL & JOE + Starbucks Tumbler

    PAUL & JOE + Starbucks Tumbler (16 oz), $49.90

    Check out Starbucks’ previous collaboration with Alice + Olivia here.



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