How to: Pin rolling your pants

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    One of the biggest trends in 2014 has seen guys cuffing their pants until just above the ankles. If you like the trend but unsure how to achieve the look, this is for you.

    Pin rolling pants (Photo: Google Images)

    First off, what is pin rolling?

    We’re sure you’ve seen guys looking like those above. How do they achieve those cuffs on their bottoms?

    Typical cuffing of pants or jeans would yield thick, bulky cuffs if folded more than twice. The pin roll solves this problem by allowing you to roll your pants up higher, but still keep it neat and snug to your leg by cuffing in a slightly different way. Watch the video above to see what we mean.

    Remember, don’t attempt to try this on boot-cut or loose-fit pants. Pin rolling works best when used on skinny or slim-fit pants.

    If you’re looking for that casual yet sharp look, then pin rolling may be the answer for you.