How Playboy Bunnies look years after they retire

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    Ever wondered how Playboy Bunnies look years after they retired from Playboy?

    At a Playboy Bunny reunion in Las Vegas, photographer Robyn Twomey sat these ex-Bunnies down and shot them ‘naked’, without airbrushing and digitally enhancing the images — and fully clothed.

    Tightly framed, each of these portraits are  a reflection of the Bunnies’ age and natural beauty. “They are complex characters that are proud and empowered by their beauty and sexuality, at the same time stricken by the fleeting nature of it,” Twomey writes.

    Playboy Bunnies are often mistaken as Playmates. In reality, many of these ‘Bunnies’ have never actually appeared on Playboy magazine but instead worked as a waitress in a bunny suit at Playboy Clubs.

    Playboy-Bunny-Robyn-Twomey-1 Playboy-Bunny-Robyn-Twomey-2 Playboy-Bunny-Robyn-Twomey-3Playboy-Bunny-Robyn-Twomey-4 Playboy-Bunny-Robyn-Twomey-5 Playboy-Bunny-Robyn-Twomey-6 Playboy-Bunny-Robyn-Twomey-7 Playboy-Bunny-Robyn-Twomey-8 Playboy-Bunny-Robyn-Twomey-9

    See the full series on Twomey’s website.