You won’t regret sleeping in this night bra

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    A specially designed night bra is set to be a every girl’s new BFF.

    Called NightLift, the bra is said to support your busts and prevent them from sagging while you sleep.  According to its maker Dr Randal Haworth, sagging in the form of ‘flattening’ or ‘splaying’ of the tissue can occur in your sleep.

    Dr Haworth, who is a plastic surgeon, says NightLift is only effective at preventing sagging, not change the current shape of your breasts.  ‘If you’re sagging a little, our bra can’t tighten tissue that’s already stretched, but can certainly help prevent it from further stretching and sagging.’

    If you’re wondering whether you can prevent sagging by simply wearing your typical bra to bed, the answer is no. Because normal bras that come with underwire and a single shoulder strap on each side, are not effective in preventing breasts from falling to the sides when lying on the back or side. NightLift, on the other hand, is fitted with individual harness-like straps on each cup and has ‘cradle-shaped’ outer wings to support each breast from every angle, holding your breasts firmly in place. Neither is this new bra going to give you sleepless nights because the wire-free soft-foam and microfiber padded garment is said to be comfortable to wear to bed. Looks wise, we think the black laced- number may draw some curious stares from your partner but isn’t dowdy on the whole.

    Sounds too good to be true? Why not try it for yourself? NightLift costs US$98 and can be ordered here.







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