Smell smoking hot with Burger King’s ‘flame grilled’ fragrance, or not?

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    Burger King fragrance

    Burger King: Can I take your order?

    GrateNews: One whopper meal, upsized.

    Burger King: Would you like a bottle of ‘flame grilled’ perfume to go with that?

    We are not kidding. The latest fragrance is not from Chanel or Gucci but from your familiar fast food joint, Burger King. The special fragrance is Burger King Japan’s attempt to recreate and bottle the scent of the famous flame-grilled patties used in their hamburgers.

    Called Flame Grilled, the perfume will go on sale this April’s Fool (sounds even more dubious now) and is only available for one day. The 30ml bottles will go for ¥5,000 (S$57.40) and will come with a Whopper burger.

    We love the Whopper, but to smell like a walking burger is really something else.

    Check out the Whopper-scented fragrance ad: