Sushi luggage bag cover is cutest travel accessory ever

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    Sushi luggage bag cover on a trolley

    We recently published a delicious post on 11 outrageous phone covers for every foodie, but a Japanese store is now taking that a step further by introducing the sushi luggage bag cover for your travel cases.

    It would be absolute gold if everyone actually picked up on this. Imagine a giant sushi conveyor belt at the airport… Although you may have some trouble identifying your bag.

    Giant sushi conveyor belt

    Don’t think everyone will be as thrilled as us in getting their luggage bags wrapped in images of raw fish and rice though.

    But for those who are, the cute sushi luggage bag cover is available in Japan’s Narita Airport’s no. 1 Passenger Terminal from 8 July in four designs: tamago (egg), maguro (tuna), sake (salmon) and ebi (shrimp).

    For those who are not visiting Japan anytime soon, you can find the covers online at Parco City.

    Supported size: 425 x 300 x 640mm (70 litres)
    Material: 100% Polyester
    Price: 3,024 Japanese yen (incl. tax)

    Have a closer look at the sushi luggage bag cover