Why you should wear Louis Vuitton to a job interview

    image: Thomas8047

    This may come across as offensive to some but what you wear to a job interview matters. And we’re not just talking about how well groomed you are, but down to your clothing label.

    A new study in the Journal of Business suggests that people who don on clothes from luxury brands seem more qualified for the job compared to those who wear clothes from an unknown brand or say, a high street label.

    The study was conducted on students at a large urban university in Seoul, South Korea where researchers from Yonsei University and Coastal Carolina University examined how people react to others depending on the brands they’re wearing. Students were asked to wear a luxury brand logo, a logo from a lower end brand or no logo at all. They found that in nearly every situation, people gave preferential treatment to the person wearing the luxury logo, including whether the candidate deserves higher pay.

    In several instances, the interviewees were perceived to be of a higher social status when they were spotted in luxury brand clothing, and thus, more deserving of a higher salary. But the results only stand true if the interviewers actually recognise the brands without any assistance.

    It all sounds pretty biased to us. But aren’t most job interviews about creating the best impressions one way or another?