Will Mansur Gavriel’s new clothing and shoe line be as lust-worthy as its bags?

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    Anyone’s who’s ever tried to get hold of a Mansur Gavriel bucket bag will tell how impossible it is to buy one.

    The Mansur Gavriel bucket is practically sold out the moment new stocks are listed online — making it possibly the most highly coveted bag in its class (the Hermes Birkin, as every bag enthusiast knows, is in a league of its own).

    So when we heard that founders Rachel Mansur and Floriana Gavriel are launching a new range of clutches, shoes and clothing, we didn’t know whether to feel happy or crappy — knowing we might wind up lusting after another Mansur Gavriel creation and never actually owning one.

    At the recent CFDA Awards, the founders confirmed that they would be launching new clothes and shoes, and gave the fashion world a glimpse into what to expect. Decked head to toe in their own designs, the founders told Style.com, “We have a very specific visual world in mind for the brand, so we were excited for the opportunity to create our own looks for the evening. We made the dresses in Italy, as well as our shoes and clutches.”

    If you like what you see, good luck on landing the new collection.

    Photo: Gerardo Somoza /Indigitalimages.com
    Photo: Gerardo Somoza /Indigitalimages.com