Watch: A zoo in Japan gets its animals to do…WHAT?!

    Zoo jeans
    Being a designer is a catwalk in the park!

    You know what they say about jeans – the softer and more distressed they look, the better they distinguish the wearer.

    With that in mind, Kamine Zoo, located in the northeast of Japan created ‘Zoo Jeans’ – a series of denim styled by fangs and claws of the fiercest animals in their care.

    The zoo does this by wrapping a few pieces of denim around tyres and other rubber toys before throwing them into the tiger and lion enclosures.  Upon seeing these playthings, the eager cats pounce on them, ripping and clawing, leaving their signature marks with their sharp fangs and claws. The shreds of denim are then sewn and patched together and volia – a pair of Zoo Jeans is born.  There’s also a series of denim destroyed, we mean, designed, by the zoo’s bears.

    These fashion statement-jeans don’t come cheap. According to AFP, a pair of the tiger-ripped jeans is currently being auctioned on the internet at 121,000 yen or US$1,200. Proceeds go to the zoo and conversation group WWF.

    How’s that for style with cat-racter?