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    Love Actually cheesecake from Cat & the Fiddle

    What better way to express your love than with a cheesecake? Cat & the Fiddle serves large slices of love aka cheesecake) this Valentine’s Day. Whether for your family or someone special, Cat & the Fiddle has some of Singapore’s best cheesecakes – after all they specialise in cheesecakes.

    Love Actually Cheesecake

    “Love Actually” is reminiscent of a popular tropical fruity cocktail, called the lychee martini. This rich cake is made up of a silky-light cream cheese flavoured with lychee and a liberal amount of martini for added kick.

    Chunky pieces of lychees and raspberries are imbedded in the cheese and all this sits atop a buttery, crumbed base. The crowning glory is an assortment of summer berries such as blueberries, strawberries, raspberries – all of which provide the perfect tartness to balance the richness of this dessert. Rose petals complete the lovely look of this decadent sweet. Each “Love Actually’ cheesecake comes with complimentary decorations in way of a “Love” sign and two hearts.

    Love Actually cheesecake from Cat & the Fiddle
    You might get light-headed with this lychee martini inspired cheesecake

    What is special about Cat & the Fiddle?

    Cat & the Fiddle is Singapore’s first online specialist cheesecake shop. Launched in 2014 by award- winning pastry chef Daniel Tay who is one of the most well-known figures in the local pastry scene, Cat & the Fiddle specialises in only one item – cheesecakes.

    This explicit focus allows them to ensure consistency and top quality in every cheesecake offering. Being an online retailer also means customers of Cat & the Fiddle have the flexibility to choose the most convenient means of obtaining their purchases – self collection, mobile delivery stations and delivery right up to their doorstep!

    As an added bonus, this e-business model allows Cat & the Fiddle to transfer savings to their customers through great prices which also encompasses premium ingredients in each cheesecake and the rigorous testing process every product goes through.

    Price: $58.90 (including GST)
    Order lead time: 3 working days
    Last Online Order: 15 Feb. 2017
    Deliveries Start: 6 Feb 2017

    Cat & the Fiddle

    Address: 171 Kampong Ampat, #05-04 KA Foodlink, 368330
    Phone: 6287 0077
    Hours: Mon – Sun 9am–7pm (Sat, Sun closes 5pm)

    Article first published on theFoodstuff.com

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      New dishes from Steam Box
      New dishes from Steam Box

      No idea what to do for your reunion dinner? Steam Box has just launched a few new dishes and will be open throughout Chinese New Year. Unlike the usual traditional steamboat reunion dinners, here you can enjoy a healthier alternative with Steam Box!

      What’s new on the menu?

      The new mainstays include Eight Treasures Porridge (S$16), which features a medley of pumpkin, sweet potato, red dates, water chestnut, shitake mushroom, corn, broccoli and carrot; while the Double Happiness Chicken Porridge (S$16) is a nourishing dish, filled with succulent chicken chunks and fresh mushroom. Together with the essence and juices collected from the fresh ingredients steamed above the plate, these new porridges are perfect to cap off the hearty meal.

      Eight Treasure porridge from Steam Box
      Eight Treasure porridge
      Scallop with cheese and bacon
      Scallop with cheese and bacon

      Equally enticing are the juicy and plump Phoenix Prawn (S$12.80) and Scallop with Cheese and Bacon (S$19.80), which will tantalise the taste buds of seafood lovers. The Sliced Smoked Duck (S$6.80) are flavourful and tender, and are bound to delight. Then, temper the meat indulgence with Stuffed Cabbage Rolls (S$6.80), which features minced pork, diced prawn, mushroom and water chestnut wrapped with soft and sweet cabbage. Filled with crab stick and bean vermicelli, the Vietnamese Crab Meat Rolls (S$6.80) promise an authentic taste. Finally, the Bacon-wrapped with Baby Potatoes (S$9.80) will certainly satisfy carb lovers.

      Traditional steamboats tend to leave an unctuous layer of fat and scum after protracted cooking —there is none of that at Steam Box. All the ingredients are brought to the table raw, then freshly steamed —not boiled— before your eyes using the innovative culinary technique of high-speed steaming.

      Steaming is one of the most iconic and traditional Chinese cooking techniques. Using steam cooking ensures that all the natural juices and nutrients of the ingredients are sealed in. In turn, the dishes boast a light yet robust flavour. Buoyed by this cooking technique, the restaurant can promise a healthy indulgence.

      What is special about Steam Box?

      Food is tradition, food is life. A dish, perfected by our ancestors, holds centuries of cherished memories. Each dish tells a beautiful story, one weaved by generations of gourmands.

      In today’s increasingly health-conscious world, traditional cuisines are seeing a resurgence. Cuisines that evoke nostalgia, steeped in simplicity and buoyed only by natural flavours. By going back to the roots of cooking, Steam Box promises a whole new dining experience replete with healthy and hearty cuisines that are bound to delight.

      Vietnamese crab meat rolls from Steam Box
      Vietnamese crab meat rolls
      Sliced smoked duck from Steam Box
      Sliced smoked duck

      The restaurant uses a high-speed steaming technology to cook a wide array of ingredients, from seafood to meat and dim sum. This sophisticated innovation has cut a swath in the food industry, and is a trusted tool for many top chefs in Hong Kong. The steaming process locks in the natural juices and nutrients of the ingredients, accentuating the final flavour of the dish. Delicate and gratifying, each dish excites with a light yet robust taste.

      Steam Box

      Address: 68 Serangoon Garden Way Singapore 555962
      Hours: 11am – 3pm ; 6pm – 11pm (Closed on Monday), Weekends: 11.30am – 11pm
      Phone: 6281 6939

      Article first published on thefoodstuff.com.

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        Farm to Table grocer has opened its second outlet at Tanjong Pagar Centre (it’s on your right when you pass Tanjong Pagar MRT station control) – and it’s brimming with fresh produce shipped directly from Australia.

        Fresh strawberries, blueberries, Australian mangoes, tomatoes on vine and the more exotic vegetables like fennel are just some of the fresh produce you’ll find at Farm to Table. In addition, the shop also carries frozen grass-fed beef and seafood. There’s also a special organic section in store. We especially love the potted parsley and sprouts, which are great for your indoor herb garden.

        farm to table tomatoes
        Fresh and juicy tomatoes on vine

        According to Farm to Table, their fresh produce are air flown from their farms in Australia and sent directly to customers within 2 days to maximise freshness. For the quality that you get, prices seem pretty reasonable. For $10, you get three XL sized avocados or two larger-than-palm sized Australian mangoes, while potted parsley plants are $5 a pot.

        Farm to Table parsley
        Buy home some potted parsley and sprouts for your herb garden

        Farm to Table is also available at #B2-04, City Square Mall, 180 Kitchener Road. Visit its website for online orders.

        Farm to Table

        Tanjong Pagar Centre #B2-06, 7 Wallich Street

        Singapore 078884

        Tel: 6694 3990

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          Chef Masaru Seki

          Osaka’s oldest premium tempura restaurant just opened its new casual dining concept Ippoh Tempura Bar by Ginza Ippoh at Dempsey. Famed for elevating tempura-making to an art form, Ippoh has captured the hearts and tastebuds of gourmands and foodies.

          Spread at Ippoh tempura bar

          What is special about Ippoh?

          Chef Masaru Seki, who is a fifth-generation member of the founding family, is bringing Ippoh’s light, crisp and delicately battered Osaka-style tempura to Singapore. Coming from the famed Ginza restaurant, they offer high-quality tempura dishes that follow strict culinary traditions since the beginning of the restaurant’s history that dates back to 1850.

          According to chef Seki, Ippoh Tempura Bar by Ginza Ippoh uses only the very freshest and most premium ingredients that are seasonally available. The tempura is cooked in prime safflower oil so that the integrity of the flavours is maintained, without the greasiness that is usually associated with tempura.

          “To ensure that every piece of tempura is crisp yet cooked to perfection on the inside, each piece is fried individually, allowing the chef to control the oil temperature and how long each ingredient stays in the fryer,” said the chef himself.

          Temperature and tempura frying

          What to expect at this tempura restaurant?

          Ippoh Tempura Bar by Ginza Ippoh introduces the lightly-battered Osaka-style tempura to a wider audience in Singapore, showcasing intricacies of this Japanese culinary art form. Guests can expect the same level of quality and service that’s synonymous with all Ippoh restaurants. “That’s the Ippoh promise.”

          The 1,200-sq ft restaurant is designed by world-renowned architect and designer, Paola Navone. The décor boasts an elegant yet organic aesthetic that exudes tranquility amidst an urban setting. The bamboo fixtures add a minimalist decorative accent that complements the modern furnishing.

          The restaurant has a seating capacity of 18, including a 12-seat tempura bar that allows guests to witness the individual preparation and immediate serving of each piece of tempura.

          For lunch, set menu options are priced from $60 to $100, while for dinner, the set menu options are priced from $140 to $200. Ippoh Tempura Bar by Ginza Ippoh also has a specially curated selection of sakes, wines and beers to complement the tempura.

          Set meal at Ippoh tempura bar


          Article first published on TheFoodstuff.com.

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            what is your favourite hawker food

            We all love hawker food. In fact, every time we hit the hawker centres, we are spoilt for choice and have a hard time decided what to fill our greedy appetites but limited stomach room with.

            But we are curious about what you would order, if you only can eat only one dish? What is that one dish you will eat after a 2-week long holiday, on the weekend or when friends from overseas come over for a visit? Take the poll and see if you and other fellow Singaporeans crave the same dishes.

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              Kokopanda Koko Twisto
              Koko Twisto

              Kokopanda, a soft-serve ice cream café from South Korea is here in Singapore! Joining other Korean dessert brands like Milkcow, Sweet Monster and several Bingsu shops in Singapore, the cute panda-themed dessert café is already causing a stir since its opening this week at its Plaza Singapura outlet.

              If you are mentally prepared to join the long snaking queues, head down to basement two of Plaza Singapura to indulge in desserts that the café calls “guilt-free indulgence”. Basically, the dessert stall stands out by adding superfood toppings such as various granola blends and dried fruits like Korean strawberries, apple, persimmon and Jeju tangerine to its three unique soft-serve flavours – White Cremo, Black Yogo, and KoKo Twisto.

              The White Cremo is a rich and smooth ice-cream made with premium Korean milk, while Black Yogo is a black coloured frozen yogurt consisting of roasted coconut husk and edible activated charcoal to help remove toxins. Not really another flavour, KoKo Twisto is a combination of both the Black Yogo and White Cremo that took Kokopanda’s culinary experts many months and more than 70 reformulations before they got the right balance.

              Kokopanda White Cremo
              White Cremo
              Kokopanda Black Yogo
              Black Yogo
              Kokobombs – fruit juice infused seaweed jelly pearls

              Other than the superfood toppings, customers can also add ‘pearls’ like the fruit bombs made with real fruit juice and jelly pearls made with seaweed to their orders. Currently, Kokopanda gives the option of choosing between one ($4.90) to three toppings ($5.90). So, whether you are adding the famous Honey Butter Almonds for crunch, jellies for texture or chia seeds to bum up the antioxidants, choose wisely. For those that really can’t make up their minds, go for the KoKoKongo, a towering parfait that comes with 7 types of dried fruits, KoKoCrunch, KoKoGranola and 2 types of KoKoBombs for $6.90.

              Kokopanda also serves a variety of drinks like Korean-style bubble teas, fruit vinegar ciders and fruit enzyme drinks with prices starting from $2.90. While the names of these drinks sounded like weight-watchers diet drinks, we will still order the Jeju Green Tea Latte. Only because we love Jeju and we like green tea!

              Kokopanda’s concept of combining superfoods with well-loved desserts is certainly smart marketing in the F&B space that sees keen competition. Even though we like to eat our superfoods as it is without processing, there is certainly no harm in adding them into a dessert on a day that you can indulge in one.


              Address: #B2-60, Plaza Singapura, 68 Orchard Road, Singapore 238839
              Opening hours: 10am – 10pm daily

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                Famous Egg Tart 蛋撻 ($1.90) from Tai Cheong Bakery
                Egg tart 蛋撻 ($1.90)

                By now, you would have eaten or heard about Tai Cheong Bakery’s famed egg tarts. The famous Tai Cheong Bakery (泰昌饼家) from Hong Kong that started only as a small food kiosk in Takashimaya to serve legions of fans in Singapore with their fragrant and buttery egg tarts with light smooth egg custard, is now a full fledged eatery. Tai Cheong is bringing the full experience of a Hong Kong-style teahouse (cha chaan teng) to Singapore fans, opening their first dine-in concept café in Holland Village.

                So, what is there to eat at the 42-seat cafe? For starters, there is the three-egg macaroni soup with crispy luncheon meat 特色三蛋餐肉番茄通粉 ($8.50), three coloured silky eggs with rice 三色滑蛋饭 ($9.90) with choice of toppings and the fork tender beef brisket curry rice 牛腩咖哩饭 ($10.90).

                Three-Egg Macaroni Soup with Luncheon Meat 特色三蛋餐肉番茄通粉 ($8.50)
                Three-Egg Macaroni Soup with Luncheon Meat 特色三蛋餐肉番茄通粉 ($8.50)
                Three Coloured Silky Eggs with Rice 三色滑蛋饭 ($9.90) topped with Roasted Pork and Crispy Pork Belly
                Three Coloured Silky Eggs with Rice 三色滑蛋饭 ($9.90) topped with Roasted Pork and Crispy Pork Belly

                Other than these main courses, Tai Cheong Bakery also serves Canto-Western delights with a twist. If you are familiar with Australian Dairy Company’s toasts in Hong Kong, Tai Cheong Bakery’s house-made toast is not just topped with a towering pile of creamy scrambled eggs, but with a piece of chicken chop as well.
                We are talking about the scrambled egg toast dish 鸡蛋鸡扒多士 ($9.50) that is assembled with a base comprising of a pan-grilled chicken chop and creamy mushroom sauce and then stacked on top with buttered thick toast and a load of towering steaming hot scrambled eggs. Even the classic French Toast 西多士 ($6.50) here is served with a choice of either maple syrup or homemade dulce de leche (sweeten milk).

                Scrambled Egg Toast Stack with Chicken Chop 鸡蛋鸡扒多士 ($9.50)
                Scrambled Egg Toast Stack with Chicken Chop 鸡蛋鸡扒多士 ($9.50)
                French Toast 西多士 ($6.50)
                French Toast 西多士 ($6.50)

                At the bakery section, patrons can buy the famous egg tart 蛋撻 ($1.90) and a host of other items like Char Siu Bolo Bun 叉烧菠萝包 ($2.20), Coconut Tart 椰撻 ($2.50+) as will as the Durian & Cheese Tart 榴槤芝士蛋撻 ($3.60) that is available only at the Holland Village eatery. 67-year-old founder and creator of the egg tarts, Master Chef Au Yeung Tin-Yun says that he hopes to bring more Hong Kong-style dishes to Singapore and promote the culinary culture of Hong Kong.

                The café does not impose service charge for diners. Which means, with the money you saved, you can consider trying out their popular drinks like the classic Hong Kong Milk Tea 港式絲襪奶茶 ($2.50 hot/$2.80 cold) and Fresh Lemon Tea 新鮮檸檬茶 ($2.50 hot/ $2.80 cold). One drink we could never get is the Ginger Lemon Cola 老薑檸檬煲可樂 ($3) that is served hot. It probably is good for a cold or a sore throat but hot cola? Really? But hey, don’t let us stop you.

                Tai Cheong Bakery does not accept reservations and customers are seated on a first-come-first-served basis. However for takeaways, you can simply order over the pastry counter during opening hours.

                Tai Cheong Bakery (Singapore)

                Address: 31 Lorong Liput, Singapore 277742
                Opening hours: Mon – Fri: 10am to 10pm, Sat, Sun and Public Holidays: 9am – 10pm (Note: Mains will daily at 11am – 2.30pm and 5.30pm – 9.30pm only)
                Kiosk address: #B208-5 Takashimaya Shopping Centre, 391 Orchard Road, Singapore 238872

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                  Singapore is the first country in Asia to sell the D-Vine wine dispenser

                  We are not referring to the lady in the picture above or a human sommelier of course. D-Vine, a dispenser that serves your wine with perfect aeration and temperature wants you to enjoy your wine by taking the guess work out of the picture.

                  Calling it a new revolution in wine technology, the team behind D-vine have created a machine that is simple to use and understated in a bid to improve the way you enjoy and interact with wine. “The idea of D-vine grew from my frustrations in getting a glass of good wine with the perfect oxygenation and temperature when I needed it”, said Thibaut Jarrousse, CEO of 10-Vins. “Our objective is pure and simple: everyone deserves a glass of perfect wine – whenever they want it,” he adds. Now, that is a statement we can all agree to.

                  There is a caveat, in order to achieve that perfect glass of wine in a minute, you need to order the wine from the company. That means, although the wine is perfect when served through D-Vine, it is not any wine you want. You have to order flacons, a test-tube like container that dispense 100ml of wine from their still budding wine list.

                  The reason is because D-Vine works with a RFID tag affixed to the flacons. When you insert a flacon into the machine, a sensor detects whether it is a red or white wine before dispensing the wine with the right temperature. The RFID tag serves another purpose. Tapping it with a NFC-enabled smart phone will give you details about the wine you are drinking, hopefully making you a wine connoisseur in no time. Although we have no problem finishing a bottle of wine, D-Vine is useful when you only want a night cap or a reward for a hard day’s work.

                  How D-Vine selects its wine

                  All wines in D-Vine’s wine list goes through tasting and selection by D-Vine’s selection committee, which includes their in-house oenologist Beatrice Dominé, who meets with winegrowers regularly. Beatrice, who is also a restaurant owner herself also gives recommendations for food pairings with the wines through D-Vine’s website. According to D-Vine, the committee is committed to source the best wines from around the world and offer it to Singaporean and other owners of the machine.

                  D-Vine flacons
                  D-Vine works only with these flacons

                  D-Vine wine list

                  No Wine Vintage Tasting notes Region Winery
                  RED WINE
                  1 Brouilly “La Roche” 2014 Raspberry, currant, pepper Beaujolais Domaine des Cadoles
                  2 Côtes de bourg 2010 Full-bodied,
                  black fruits
                  Bordeaux ChâteauLe Clos du Notaire
                  3 Bordeaux Supérieur “Cuvée Raphaël” 2010 Blackcurrant, liquorice, cedar Bordeaux Château de Parenchère
                  4 Médoc 2010 Raspberry, cherry Bordeaux Château Hourbanon
                  5 Pomerol 2013 Undergrowth, candied blackberries Bordeaux La Rose Figeac
                  6 St Julien Grand Cru Classé 2012 Blackcurrant,
                  Bordeaux Château Beychevelle
                  7 Nuits-Saint-Georges 1er Cru “Les Perrières” 2010 Fruity Bourgogne Domaine Muzard
                  8 Saint Chinian “Vieilles Vignes” 2012 Liquorice, caramel Languedoc Roussillon Domaine Belles Courbes
                  9 Saint Nicolas de Bourgueuil “Vau Jaumier” 2012 Cherry, strawberry Loire Domaine de la Cotelleraie
                  10 Bandol rouge 2012 Candied citrus fruit, spices Provence Domaine de la Suffrène
                  11 Châteauneuf du Pape 2011 Cocoa, kirsch Rhone Domaine de la Graveirette
                  12 Côte Rôtie 2013 Raspberry, peppery Rhone Domaine Stéphane Pichat
                  13 Saint Joseph 2013 Black cherries, blueberries and peppery aromas Rhone Domaine Laurent Habrard
                  14 Cahors 2011 Morello cherry, bay laurel, black olive Sud Ouest Château du Cèdre
                  WHITE WINE
                  1 Gewurztraminer Grand Cru “Kessler” Vendanges Tardives 2011 Lychees, ripe pears and
                  Alsace Domaine Dirler-Cadé
                  2 Riesling Grand Cru “Saering” 2011 Mineral and lemony Alsace Domaine Dirler-Cadé
                  3 Sauternes Grand Cru Classé 2012 Honey and candied apple Bordeaux Château de Malle
                  4 Coteaux du Layon 2014 Fruity Loire Château Soucherie
                  5 Muscadet “Prestige” 2012 Floral, fruity Loire Domaine Bruno Cormerais
                  6 Savennières Roche aux Moines 2010 Pear, soft spice Loire Domaine FL
                  7 Hermitage 2013 2013 Spices, blackberries Rhone Domaine Laurent Habrard
                  ROSÉ WINE
                  1 Rosé Côte de Provence 2015 Exotic fruits, peach Provence Domaine de l’Anticaille – Miss Vicky Wine

                  Singapore is the first country in Asia selling the D-Vine dispenser, and only 50 units will be available for sale before 2017. The D-Vine dispenser is really a luxury item, one that you can impress your dinner guests with for S$1,790. For now, we feel that the wine dispenser fits more into the bedroom or a luxury hotel rather than your HDB kitchen. Even if you are willing to fork out that sum, you will also have to order the wine flacons that cost between S$9 to S$39. But for now, the future seems bright for the young company as wine drinkers in the region continues to grow in the region. If 10-Vins can create more affordable mini D-Vine, there might be a chance of becoming the “Nespresso” of the wine industry.

                  For more information on the dispenser, visit www.dvine.com.sg.

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                    leTAO double fromage cheesecake
                    Image source: leTAO website

                    Mark your calendars cheese lovers, the famous LeTAO cheese cake is coming to Singapore on 8 December.

                    The new opening will be located at basement 1 of ION Orchard and is going to be takeaway kiosk —  much like its cheesy counterpart, BAKE Cheese Tart in basement 4 of the same mall.

                    The double fromage cheesecake is LeTAO’s most popular creation and a must-try for all visitors to Hokkaido.

                    The two-layered double fromage, is made from a layer of baked cheesecake with a rich cheese flavour over unbaked cheesecake that is light and milky. The result is a perfect balance of flavours with a creamy and velvety finish.

                    leTAO Singapore

                    In addition to the double fromage cheesecake, you can also buy the chocolate version of the cake known as Chocolat Double cake when it’s here. Both flavours cost $28 each for a 12cm cake.

                    LeTAO origniated in the quaint “European-esque” town of Otaru, Hokkaido in 1996. Today, the LeTAO chain has expanded throughout Japan and into other parts of Asia such as Bangkok and Hong Kong.

                    LeTAO Singapore

                    Ion Orchard B1-K7, 2 Orchard Turn Singapore 238801

                    Daily: 11am – 9.30pm


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                      Hotdogs Inc ordering counter
                      Order here.

                      Hotdogs in Singapore feels like the neglected cousin of the burger, and a very distant one. While burgers joints have built up an impressive range of offers for diners locally from fast food restaurants like McDonald’s and Burger King to burger-only restaurants serving gourmet burgers like Omakase Burger and MEATliquor, hotdogs on the other hand owns quiet little corners peppered all over the island. Heck, most people flock to IKEA for their $1 hotdogs to get their fix.

                      So when we walked past a new and courageous hotdog place recently, we had to give it a go. Hotdogs Inc is a hotdog kiosk at PoMo that offers premium gourmet sausages paired with freshly baked buns. After some digging, we realised that Hotdogs Inc is not a new brand but moved from a corner location (see what we mean by little corners?) of The Metropolis at North Buona Vista. The shift to a swankier city location with a revitalised menu could only mean that the owners are confident about their food and their concept. PoMo mall, where the new Hotdogs Inc is now, has potential to snag some limelight back from its meatier cousins due to the new location’s proximity to schools, offices and hotels.

                      Hotdogs Inc is setup as a grab-and-go kiosk, which explains why the person behind the counter was visibly agitated when a few of us couldn’t make up our minds about what to order and what sides to pair with. After receiving death stares and forced smiles, we finally decided to go with a more unusual bun, the Wagyu Beef Roll, and a more familiar one, the Spicy Italian Pork for our orders. We took the “Hearty Add-on” combos, adding a side, a snack, a drink and $6 more to each meal. The kiosk is now running a $2 off opening promotion for meal combos, so our total damage for 2 hearty meals came up to about $25.

                      Hotdog taste test

                      First off the Wagyu Beef Roll. According to Hotdogs Inc, the dawg is made with 100% minced wagyu beef and then coated in egg-wash and breadcrumbs before deep frying it to crispy goodness. When eaten together with toppings like rocket, cabbage, diced tomato, onion confit and a blend of BBQ sauce and mayonnaise, the hotdog bun is juicy, flavoursome and has a good mix of textures and taste. Chew slowly at least for the first 2 mouthfuls to fully appreciate the traces of aromatic beef juices even after the deep-frying process. The Spicy Italian Pork in our opinion is more of a classic hotdog, one you would expect from a gourmet hotdog joint. Although it did not impress us as much as the Wagyu Beef Roll, pairing it with relish, rocket, cabbage and a tomato and cheese sauce gave the bun well-rounded flavours.

                      Wagyu beef roll at Hotdogs Inc
                      A la carte order for Wagyu beef roll is $9.
                      Inside a Wagyu beef roll at Hotdogs Inc
                      Here’s how 100% minced wagyu meat looks like.
                      Spicy Italian Pork at Hotdogs Inc
                      A la carte order for Spicy Italian Pork is $7.50.
                      cross section of Spicy Italian Pork at Hotdogs Inc
                      Cross section of the Spicy Italian Pork

                      Other hotdogs on the menu include chicken sausage, Wienerli sausage, soft shell crab and crabmeat remoulade. Of the lot, the one we wanted most to try out next is the crabmeat remoulade, which the staff says is made with real crabmeat.

                      Side dishes

                      It is good that Hotdogs Inc doesn’t have a lot of side dishes. Firstly, it makes ordering faster without giving your brain too much to process and secondly, they are not that good. We tried out almost everything from the sides and snacks menu except for the premium sotong balls. Reasons being, we half expected it to taste, well, like sotong balls from the freezer. The items we tried are Cheeky Spicy Wings, Chicken Poppers, fries and cheese fries with bacon bits. The deep-fried spicy chicken wings have a very light batter and tasted bland. We felt that the frying temperature is a little off even though the wings were meaty and juicy. The chicken drumlet that we had was still a little pink inside. As for the chicken poppers, it was no different from the store bought frozen ones that we fry all the time using the Airfryer.

                      Combo meal with add-ons at Hotdogs Inc
                      Our order – 2 buns with hearty combo add-ons for $25 (after $4 off promotion)
                      The hotdog kiosk at PoMo
                      The kiosk at PoMo can sit 12 diners

                      Frankly speaking, we were a little disappointed with the fries. Although we love thick cut fries, the ones at Hotdogs Inc were less crispy than we had hoped. For the set that came with the cheese and bacon bits, the condiments felt like an afterthought and did little to add flavours to the potatoes. They could have served corn chips and we wouldn’t even notice.

                      All in all, Hotdogs Inc is still a decent place to get your hotdog fix. In our opinion, they are better for more unique sausages and buns like the Wagyu beef roll, soft shell crab and crabmeat remoulade rather than classic hotdog buns. If you are grabbing one to go, our recommendation is to just go for the hotdogs and skip the add-ons. Oh, just make sure you make up your mind quickly at the ordering counter.

                      Hotdogs Inc

                      Address: 1 Selegie Road, PoMo Mall, #01-23, Singapore 188306
                      Phone: +65 6265 0433
                      Opening hours: Monday to Friday 10am to 9pm, Saturday 10am to 5pm, Closed on Sunday & Public Holiday