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    Gold leaf ice-cream at Small Potatoes Ice Creamery

    You have seen gold, learned about gold (remember the periodic table?), and perhaps even dreamed of owning gold.

    Now is your chance to indulge your taste bud with a little luxury – a little 24k gold/silver-layered ice cream luxury that is.

    The Small Potatoes Ice Creamery in Singapore recently released their Sea Salt Caramel with Gold Leaf and Purple Potato with Silver Leaf ice creams, priced at S$12 and S$10, respectively.

    Gold lining tummy i have now 💛

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    Don’t get discouraged with the price just yet because both gold and silver leaves are Japan-imported, made from actual food-grade 24k gold (basically meaning that it is an edible bling).

    The Japanese believe that consuming gold can aid in maintaining youthfulness and prolonging life span – but if you are not into that, just do it for the ‘gram.

    If that’s not enough, only Hokkaido milk is used to produce the soft serve.

    Based on the Kinkaku Soft Serve Ice Cream’s creation, those in the land of the rising sun can find these special desserts in Kinkakuji (the Golden Pavilion) just outside of Central Kyoto, Japan.

    The earliest I am able to travel to #Kanazawa is likely next year so guess I'll have a golden leaf from there on my ice cream first. 🏅☘️🍦 Absolutely love the sweet potato soft serve from #SmallPotatoesIceCreamery; you can really taste the freshness of the #PurplePotatoes from #Okinawa and #Milk from #Hokkaido that this dessert is made from. With the golden leaf, it's such a awesome combination, even the sweet potatoes on the wall wants some. 🍠😋💕 #SmallPotatoes #SmallPotatoesSG #SoftServe #IceCream #SweetPotato #SaltedCaramel #GoldLeaf #GoldenLeaf #LimitedEdition #Japan #金沢 #日本 #キンパク #金箔 #アイスクリーム #ソフトクリーム #芋 #塩キャラメル #北海道 #牛乳 #Food #Instafood #Foodagram #Foodstagram

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    Those who aren’t in Japan, just head on to Small Potatoes Ice Creamery branches located at Somerset 313 and Novena Square 2 to get a taste of the rich life.

    Be mindful that these edible luxuries will only be in stores until they sell out, so best make your purchase quick.

    This article Pamper your taste buds with this luxurious 24K gold leaf ice-cream appeared first on TheHive.Asia.com.

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      Kokopanda Koko Twisto
      Koko Twisto

      Kokopanda, a soft-serve ice cream café from South Korea is here in Singapore! Joining other Korean dessert brands like Milkcow, Sweet Monster and several Bingsu shops in Singapore, the cute panda-themed dessert café is already causing a stir since its opening this week at its Plaza Singapura outlet.

      If you are mentally prepared to join the long snaking queues, head down to basement two of Plaza Singapura to indulge in desserts that the café calls “guilt-free indulgence”. Basically, the dessert stall stands out by adding superfood toppings such as various granola blends and dried fruits like Korean strawberries, apple, persimmon and Jeju tangerine to its three unique soft-serve flavours – White Cremo, Black Yogo, and KoKo Twisto.

      The White Cremo is a rich and smooth ice-cream made with premium Korean milk, while Black Yogo is a black coloured frozen yogurt consisting of roasted coconut husk and edible activated charcoal to help remove toxins. Not really another flavour, KoKo Twisto is a combination of both the Black Yogo and White Cremo that took Kokopanda’s culinary experts many months and more than 70 reformulations before they got the right balance.

      Kokopanda White Cremo
      White Cremo
      Kokopanda Black Yogo
      Black Yogo
      Kokobombs – fruit juice infused seaweed jelly pearls

      Other than the superfood toppings, customers can also add ‘pearls’ like the fruit bombs made with real fruit juice and jelly pearls made with seaweed to their orders. Currently, Kokopanda gives the option of choosing between one ($4.90) to three toppings ($5.90). So, whether you are adding the famous Honey Butter Almonds for crunch, jellies for texture or chia seeds to bum up the antioxidants, choose wisely. For those that really can’t make up their minds, go for the KoKoKongo, a towering parfait that comes with 7 types of dried fruits, KoKoCrunch, KoKoGranola and 2 types of KoKoBombs for $6.90.

      Kokopanda also serves a variety of drinks like Korean-style bubble teas, fruit vinegar ciders and fruit enzyme drinks with prices starting from $2.90. While the names of these drinks sounded like weight-watchers diet drinks, we will still order the Jeju Green Tea Latte. Only because we love Jeju and we like green tea!

      Kokopanda’s concept of combining superfoods with well-loved desserts is certainly smart marketing in the F&B space that sees keen competition. Even though we like to eat our superfoods as it is without processing, there is certainly no harm in adding them into a dessert on a day that you can indulge in one.


      Address: #B2-60, Plaza Singapura, 68 Orchard Road, Singapore 238839
      Opening hours: 10am – 10pm daily

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        I SEE i SEE (sounds like icy icy), a premium handcrafted ice pop brand from Hong Kong has selected Singapore as its first overseas store. Known for its milk-based popsicles, here are 5 reasons to check this new store located at the basement of 313 Somerset out.

        1. It’s truly delicious

        Have you tried making popsicles in your regular home freezer only to be disappointed by its uneven flavour and jaw-breakingly hard texture? Unlike homemade ice pops, I SEE i SEE uses a quick-freeze method to prodcue extremely refined ice crystals and a feathery, snow-like texture and the flavour is consistently good to the last drop.

        2. It’s a healthier choice

        Using good quality ingredients for its range of fruit and milk-based ice pops, you can really taste the freshness. The ice pops have no added preservatives or colouring in them. This probably explains why their popsicles, ranging from $5.90-$7.90 each, are so pricey.

        Strawberry Hokkaido Milk
        Strawberry Hokkaido Milk

        3. Give us some of that stinky durian

        Ok, this one’s more for durian fans, but the durian ice pop is intoxicatingly strong — in a good way. It’s not called ‘stinky durian’ for nothing.

        Cheesy raspberry
        Cheesy raspberry

        4. They have flavours that pop

        With funky flavours like chilli mango and cheesy raspberry ($6.90), there’s bound to be one to pique your curiosity.

        5. And what a visual treat too

        The I SEE i SEE is probably the most instagramable popsicles at the moment. It’s a feast for the tummy and the eyes.


        I SEE i SEE

        Address: 313 @ Somerset, #B3-46, 313 Orchard Rd, 238895
        Opening Hours: 11am to 10pm

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          All coco soft serve in original flavour

          If you think coconut ice cream is good — wait till you try the coconut soft serve at All Coco.

          Icy and refreshing, the All Coco coconut soft serve is the ultimate guilt-free treat as it’s dairy and gluten free. Although it’s know as a soft serve, the texture is much more similar to a sorbet.

          The soft serve comes in original and charcoal flavour. As scary as it looks, the charcoal flavour has no charred taste at all. Compared to the original flavour, the charcoal version is slightly less sweet and has a lighter coconut aroma. We recommend you go for the mixed version, a stunning swirl of black and white sorbet, as it offers just the right level of sweetness. A generous cup of the sorbet costs 100 Bhat or around S$4. The portion may look like a lot, but trust us, it’ll be gone before you know it.

          All Coco soft serve in original and charcoal flavour
          All Coco soft serve in original and charcoal flavours

          We also tried All Coco’s coconut ice-cream. However, probably due to the absence of dairy, it didn’t have the same delightful creaminess as those you get from the street vendors at the Chatuchak weekend market.

          Next time you go to Bangkok, make sure you try the All Coco coconut soft serve.

          All Coco is located at 8 locations throughout Bangkok, including Siam Paragon. See location outlets here.

          Different flavours of All Coco ice cream
          Different flavours of All Coco ice cream
          All coco snowflake in original and charcoal flavours
          All Coco snowflake in original and charcoal flavours

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            We don’t know about you, but the heat in Singapore the past few weeks is just insane! We literally walked from underpass to underpass everywhere we went and stay sane in the air-conditioning. On top of that, we had resorted to sucking on the ice of old school desserts like ice kacang, chendol and cheng tng whenever we get the chance. Not good for the waistline.

            So when we heard about a new frozen custard dessert stall called Density,  we wonder whether their desserts will give us some relief from the heat and tide us over the heat wave for the next couple of weeks.

            What’s frozen custard?

            Frozen custard is a cold dessert like ice cream, but made with eggs, cream and sugar. Ice cream on the other hand is typically made with dairy like milk or cream without the use of eggs. If you want to get technical, the Food and Drug Administration in the U.S. says that to qualify as frozen custard, you need to contain at least 10 percent milkfat and 1.4 percent egg yolk solids. If not, it’s just plain ice cream. Adding egg yolks to ice cream apparently creates a premium form of ice cream (frozen custard) with a smoother texture and helps it stay cold longer. Now, that has definitely got our attention!

            Where can you find it?

            Density, the first frozen custard dessert stall in Singapore is located at 4 Short Road, near Selegie. Set up by Singaporean brother-sister team – J.R. Wong and younger sister, Sherlyn Wong, Density serves up velvety-smooth and creamy frozen custards made using the best quality ingredients.

            Frozen custard is essentially a super premium ice cream but uses only half the amount of sugar used in frozen yogurt. That means lower calories but still achieving that excellent texture and mouthfeel. While this is not an entirely guilt-free dessert, less sugar and calories are a definite win.

            Fresh ice cream made daily

            Density uses milk produced by grass-fed cows from Wisconsin dairy farms and gourmet vanilla beans sourced directly from Madagascan farmers for its frozen custard. Business owners J.R. and Sherlyn also invested in an ice cream making system that ensures that the smoothest and freshest ice cream are served daily.

            (L-R) Black Forest, Matcha, Pumpkin Pie

            “We would like our customers to enjoy our frozen custard, without any frills as we believe that they will be able to appreciate the quality of an excellent classic product,” – Sherlyn Wong

            On top of that, Density only serves 3 selected flavours of its frozen custard on any given day. Its signature flavours include Buttered Popcorn, Red Velvet, Rocher, Quadruple Chocolate and Black Forest. Density will also feature local artisanal granolas and products in its ice cream to lend support to the local entrepreneurial scene. At Density, affogato, espresso blends and coffee selections use coffee beans freshly roasted by local coffee roaster brand, Two Degrees North.

            Density uses coffee beans roasted by Two Degrees North for its affogato

            Density Frozen Custard

            Address: 4 Short Street, Singapore 188212
            Opening hours: 12pm to 12am daily
            Telephone: + 65 6268 7918