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Music album ‘Cinema’ featuring Karen Mok’s (莫文蔚) duet with Andrea Bocelli will be released this October.

The duet, Cheek to Cheek is among the 17 movie theme songs in Bocelli’s upcoming album.

Thrilled by the collaboration, the Mandopop queen said it was her dream come true. “I was crazy about jazz music during my university days and Cheek to Cheek was one of my favourites. I used to play the song a few times daily without getting tired of it,” Mok said.

Mok’s familiarity with the song paid off as it only took her twice to nail the recording. This prompted the production crew to label the song as the “cheapest production in history”.

Singing the English and Italian version of the song for the album, Mok once again surprised the crew with her good grasp of the European language.

“Not only do I get to turn a song I love into my own but also get to sing in the languages I know. It must be fate,” Mok says.

karen mok andrea bocelli duet