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    Inside Everland theme park
    Inside Everland

    I didn’t go to Everland when I first went to Seoul in 2014. Seeing that it was my first trip to the city then, I wanted to make sure I devoted the limited time I had on visting the popular tourist spots within Seoul city such as Gangnum and Seoul Tower and ensuring that there was enough time for shopping (yeah, the shopaholic in me made sure of that).

    However, when I visited Seoul again in Fall ‘16, I finally decided to make that trip to Everland. And I’m glad I did – it was a great way to spend the day in Seoul among endless shopping, eating and sightseeing. If you’re planning on visiting Seoul, we strongly recommend that you check out Everland.

    Everland Main entrance
    Main entrance

    Everland is a large theme park divided into 5 different zones: Global Fair, European Adventure, Zoo Topia, American Adventure and Magic Land. Depending on how crowded the park is on the day you visit, the waiting time for the more popular attractions can take up to 1.5-2 hours, so it pays to be selective. Here are my recommendations on the top attractions you should not miss in each zone.

    Global Fair Zone

    Being the closest zone to the entrance of Everland, Global Fair is the first zone that greats visitors. Some of the features here change according to the season. I was there during halloween and there were lots of carved pumpkins, ghouls and hanging skeletons throughout the park. Nothing too scary, they were rather fun looking in fact. There are lots of great photo-taking spots in the Global Fair zone and only two rides. My advice is not hang around here for too long as there are lots of other exciting attractions in the park.

    Halloween decorations at Everland
    Ghouls and ghosts during Halloween at Everland
    Popular photo 'station' upon entering the theme park
    Popular photo ‘station’ upon entering the theme park
    everland halloween
    Halloween comes alive in Everland during Oct – Nov
    Reaper at Everland
    Realistic reaper decorations like these can be seen at the theme park
    1. Live Hologram Theatre

    Great for: all ages, especially teenagers and music lovers

    The Live Hologram Theatre gives you a pretty realistic experience of being in a live Kpop concert without having to shell out hundreds of dollars to attend a real one. With the help of great sound technology, you’ll get to enjoy performances by famous Korean stars such as Psy and Big Bang. What a way to start your Everland tour.


    Zoo Topia Zone

    As the name suggests, Zoo Topia is great for animal lovers. You’ll get to experience everything from wild safari rides to viewing pandas and polar bears up close. There’s also a petting zoo for you to touch and cuddle animals like sheep and rabbits. I think what differentiates Everland from many other theme parks around the world such as Disney Land and Universal Studios, is the vast number of animals housed in the park. Start your journey with the Human Sky cable ride that connects you from Global Fair to Zoo Topia and make your way down from there.

    Human Sky entrance
    Human Sky entrance
    Human sky ride
    Enjoy the scenic Everland while taking a leisurely ride down
    1. Safari World

    Great for: All ages, especially families

    everland lions

    everland white tigers
    Don’t mind me, I’m just chilling
    everland bear
    Will work for treats
    Special Safari tour
    Go for the special tour to get a thrilling experience with tigers, bears and other animals

    There are several attractions in Zoo Topia but the one attraction you must not miss is Safari World. During the tour around the attraction, you’ll get to see white tigers and lions in close proximity. But the main stars of the ride are the big brown bears. They are well trained and can perform tricks like basketball shooting. You’re guaranteed to be squealing from all the excitement and amazement throughout this ride.

    2. Panda World

    Great for: All ages

    Entrance to Panda World
    Entrance to Panda World

    everland panda

    Who doesn’t love pandas? When in Everland, you must pay a visit to Ai Bao and Le Bao, Korea’s adorable giant pandas. I was pleasantly surprised at how close you could watch them eat, sleep and play in the beautiful glass enclosure. You’ll also be able to catch a close-up view of the the giant panda’s smaller cousin, the red panda.

    everland red panda
    Say ‘hi’ to the adorable red panda at Everland’s Panda World
    3. Fox enclosure

    Great for: All ages especially kids

    Dart in for a quick look at these adorable foxes – which have bunny-like ears. It’s a lot of fun to watch the mammals hopping and jumping around their enclosure. Check out this bunch of foxes clamouring together for warmth.

    Foxes at Everland
    We counted 5 foxes
    1. Lost Valley Tour

    Great for: All ages, especially families

    If you’re up for more animal adventures and can spare the time, check out the Lost Valley Tour. This is rather similar to the Safari World where you’ll also get to see lions, tigers as well other safari animals like elephants and camels. The ride can travel on land and water – could be a new experience for some.

    Lost Valley tour
    Giraffes will stick their head into the vehicle during the tour
    2. Amazon Express

    Great for: teenagers and adults especially adventure seekers

    Watch out water phobes, you could get wet on this bumpy ride that supposedly mimicks the the choppy waters of the Amazon River. Luckily the considerate park planners have desgined a plastic shield you can use to cover yourself during the ride – ok, admittedly, it stinks a little from all that dampness and high usage. Overall, it was a fun ride where the thrill of trying to avoid being splashed by the water was greater than the rapid current adventure itself. We wish there were more visual stimulation throughout the ride.


    European Adventure Zone

    Ready for some serious thrill rides? You’ll get your fill of heart-stopping action at The European Adventure Zone. We hope you’re sufficiently warmed up by now.

    1. T Express

    Great for: dare-devils

    Touted as one of the scariest roller coasters in Asia, T Express has drawn many dare-devils to Everland specially for a death-defying experience. Perhaps the most unique thing abuot the T Express is that the entire track is made of wood. The queue is naturally also one of the longest at Everland, so if you want a piece of the action, make this your first stop. Express tickets known as ‘Q Pass’ which lets you cut the queue are available at a cost. Good luck and we hope you survive the 77-degree angle drop – the world’s steepest — of the ride.

    T-Express has a steep drop of 77 degrees and can reach a speed of 104 km/h
    2. Colombus Adventure

    Great for: dare-devils

    If the T Express is too scary for you, check out Colombus Adventure. Not that the viking ride is any less thrilling, but at least the Colombus Adventure’s swinging movements are more predictable than the T-express’ sharp turns, bends and dips. Still, be prepared for a scream fest as you are hurtled from a height of 33 metres!

    3. Four Seasons Garden

    Great for: All ages, especially families and couples

    Do not leave Everland without a visit to the Four Seasons Garden where you’ll be treated to the sights and sweet scents of the flowers in season. The rose garden was in full bloom when I was there in Autumn and the sight was simple stunning. After dark, you’re bound to fall in love with the magical wonderland illuminated by the castle lighting all around you.

    Rose garden at Everland
    Rose garden
    Main stage at Four Seasons Garden
    Main stage at Four Seasons Garden
    1. VR Adventure

    Great for: Adults and teenagers, especially adventure seekers

    If you missed the T Express for some reason, you should hop on the VR Adventure. The VR journey simulates the T Express ride, giving you a good idea of what it’s like to take the roller coaster ride – minus the heart-stopping plunges. Great for those who want to experience the thrill of a roller coaster without getting a heart attack. If you tend to feel giddy from VR rides, you may want to skip this.

    2. Mystery Mansion

    Great for: Adults and teenagers, especially horror buffs

    This attraction takes you inside a haunted mansion – but there’s no time to cower in fear as your mission is to shoot the spirits indicated by a red light with a laser gun. At the end of the ride, you’ll be able to check your score on the board as you’re exiting the attraction.

    American Adventure Zone

    Another thrill ride zone. American Adventure is modelled after the American history dating back to the 1950s and 60s. It features a time when Colombus discovered the American continent to the American pop culture icons such as Elvis Presley.

    1. Double Rock Spin

    Great for: dare-devils

    Imagine being tossed and shoved from left to right, upside down and back upright again – with your legs dangling off the seat the whole time.

    2. Rolling X-Train

    Great for: dare-devils

    This super fast roller coaster rides is a must-try for thrill seekers. It not only features sharp plunges, there are also two 360° loops to get your adrenalin pumping. It’s perfect for anyone who loves a good roller coaster ride.

    1. Sky Cruise

    Great for: All ages, especially families and couples

    Take a leisurely ride on Sky Cruise, a cable car ride that takes you around Everland. We recommend that you take the Sky Cruise after dark to take in a bird’s eye view of the beautiful lights all around the theme park while you rest those tired legs.


    Magic Land Zone

    This family-friendly zone is great for fun kids rides. It’s where fairy tales and childhood fantasies come true. As the attractions here are mainly designed for kids, most of the rides may not appeal to the hardcore thrill-seekers. If that’s the case, we recommend that you take a quick tour around Aesop’s Village to bring back some childhood memories.

    Carousel at Everland
    Adults and kids alike will enjoy at quick spin on this beautiful carousel
    1. Aesop’s Village

    Great for: All ages, especially children

    Ignite your childhood memories as you wander through Aesop’s Village, which is inspired by the fables of Aesop. Meet Aesop’s Village friends like Herky the rabbit, Timmy the tortise and many more. It’s a fun tour for the young and young at heart.

    1. Magic Swing

    Great for: Teenagers and adults especially adventure seekers

    Think of this as a mini Colombus Adenture. The Magic Swing is not as high and features some twists to the motion to give you a more varied ride. Great for those who want a moderate thrill ride while still able to enjoy the view of the theme park at the same time.


    If you’re not too tired by nightfall, stay for the fireworks, which starts after 9pm every night. It’s a spectacular way to end your day at Seoul Everland.


    Seoul Everland

    Opening hours: Daily: 10am – 9pm
    Address: 199 Everland-ro, Pogog-eup, Cheoin-gu, Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea
    Phone: +82 31-320-5000

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      Popular photo 'station' upon entering the theme park
      Popular photo 'station' upon entering the theme park

      Ready to spend a day at the magical Everland theme park in Seoul? Getting there is easy by taking bus 5002 from Gangnam Station. Just follow the directions below and you’ll arrive at Everland before you know it. Make sure you check out our must-try recommendations at Everland.

      By Bus 5002

      1. Take the train to Gangnam station (line 2)
      2. Take Exit 10
      3. From Exit 10, walk around 200m to the bus stop directly in front of WHO A.U. to take bus 5002. You can pay by T-Money or cash when you board the bus. (Fare: 2,500 won 1-way)
      4. Alight at Everland Bus Station (around 40 mintues – 1 hour journey)
      5. Take the free Everland shuttle bus (around 5 mintues), it will take you to the entrance of Everland.

      How to locate the bus stop to take 5002

      Once you exit from exit 10 at Gangnam Station, walk straight. You can soon see Massimo Dutti. Keep walking in that direction for another 5-10 minutes until you see the WHO A.U shop. The bus stop is directly in front of the shop.

      How to go to Everland: Step 1 - WHO.A.U.
      Walk straight until you see the retail shop WHO.A.U.
      How to go to Everland: Step 2 - queue at bus stop
      Just join the queue at the 5002 sign post near the bus stop
      How to go to Everland: Step 3 - board bus
      Bus 5002 interval is around 20-30 minutes

      How to go to Everland: Step 4 - Take the Everland bus

      You need to take another Everland bus to reach the theme park. This is the arrival and departure stop.

      Ticketing area at Everland
      Ticketing area at Everland
      Inside Everland
      Inside Everland

      Of course, there are other ways and buses to get there as well. Here are the others and their routes:

      Gangbyeon – Jamsil-Songpa Station – via Suseo
      No. 1500-2
      Sadang Station – South Terminal – board trade-diesel per minute (Seohyeon Station)
      Gangbyeon – Gangdong Station Gwangju City Hall – University of Foreign Studies entrance via

      Useful tips:

      • Set out early to make the best of your trip at Everland. The theme park opens from 10am-9pm daily.
      • If there are no seats on the bus when it’s your turn to board, I would prefer to wait for the next one (around 15 minutes interval). Otherwise, you would have to stand throughout the journey.
      • For bus 5002, try to board the bus at the WHO A.U bus stop. We saw some passengers boarding the bus at the next stop. The bus was very crowded by then and they ended up standing throughout the journey.
      • Pay by T-Money rather than cash as it’s more convenient
      • Have your breakfast on the bus, to save time in the morning. Or simpy take a nap on the bus. You’re going to need all the energy at the theme park.

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        Korean supermarket snacks you can buy

        After all that skincare products shopping at Myeongdong, we couldn’t be more excited to step into Lotte Mart for some snack and goodie shopping!

        Lotte Mart is no secret among tourists who can often be seen buying snacks and instant noodles by the boxes. But since luggage space is always an issue, here are some must-buy items from Lotte Mart.

        Crown Butter Waffles

        Crown Butter Waffles
        Crown Butter Waffles is a must-buy and a great gift.

        These simple looking butter waffles that come in an old school looking box are seriously good. They are buttery, crispy and has just the right thickness. It’s heavenly paired with a few scoops of ice cream or simply eaten on its own. We didn’t have the chance to try other brands of butter waffles but we’re fine with that as Crown’s simply too good. A large box of 12 individual packs (3 in each pack) costs around $4.50.

        Ready-to-eat Samyetang

        Instant samyetang from Lotte Mart
        There is an entire chicken inside!

        Ready-to-eat Korean ginseng chicken soup that you can simply heat up and enjoy. Just pop the bag unopened into boiling water for about 10-15 minutes or pour the content of the bag into a bowl and microwave. Most of them comes with the chicken inside. Yes a whole chicken! The only downside is that, it’s rather heavy so we’re limited to only 1 or 2 packs  per person. Each pack costs between $8-$12 depending on the size of the chicken. A 500-600g pack is good for one, whereas anything above 800g is good for sharing between 2 people.

        Other pre-cooked meals

        Instant Tteokbokki from Lotte Mart
        Instant Tteokbokki.

        Why stop at ready-to-eat samyetang? Choose from kimchi stews to tteokbokki. Just heat them up and dinner’s ready. Prices range from $4-$7 each.

        Instant noodles

        While Korean instant noodles are readily available in Singapore, you get a lot more variety at Lotte Mart. Go ga-ga over the selection which includes spicy kimchi to beef soup to seafood soup.

        Honey Butter Nuts

        wasabi almonds from lotte mart
        These nuts are now everywhere in Seoul.

        Most of us are familiar with honey butter almonds, cashews or mixed nuts by now. They now also come in wasabi or churro- flavoured almonds, which we love even more as they are less sweet compared to the honey butter flavour. If you have space in your luggage, grab a few bags to help you save a couple of dollars compared to buying it in Singapore.

        Korean Fried Chicken crackers

        Korean fried chicken snack from lotte mart
        If you can’t buy the fried chicken back, buy the snack.

        Korean fried chicken is a hot favourite and this is exactly what this spicy fried chicken flavoured crackers is cashing on. We didn’t find the crackers nearly as flavoursome as Korean fried chicken but the cracker’s cute shape — each is made to look like a chicken drumstick and awesome crunch — are bound to bring you loads of amusement. Around $2 for a box.

        Citron tea

        citron tea from Jeju
        For best results, mix and place in freezer. Pour yourself a glass when it is almost frozen.

        Drank warm or ice-cold, this popular citron tea is best with rich snacks or as a pre-bedtime drink. We especially like it icy cold on a hot afternoon. Just mix a sachet or 2 tablespoons into a cup of lukewarm water, stir well and pop it into the freezer until almost freezing. Get the indivudally-packed sachets that come in a box of 10 or 12 if the jar is too heavy to carry home.

        Dried seaweed

        seaweed for sprinkling on rice
        You can sprinkle these on rice, noodles and soups.

        You won’t miss it – most supermarkets haves a whole isle devoted to just bags and bags of dried seaweed. We also like getting flavoured seaweed sprinkle to eat with plain rice or sprinkle it over soups.

        Real Cheese Chips

        MarketO cheese chips
        Once you start on MarketO cheese chips you can’t stop!

        Cheese lovers will not be able to resist this. Each perfectly shaped round chip tastes like a mild-flavoured cheese chart. While you can also find this in some specialised Korean supermarkets in Singapore, it generally costs more than double.

        Banana milk

        This seems to be one of the most popular milk brands around South Korea. Try the fragrant banana-flavoured milk or Strawberry-flavoured one.

        Pickled kimchi and banchan

        This is the place to be if you can’t get enough of kimchi and banchan. There is a large selection at Lotte Mart. You might not be familiar with some of them but do ask for a sample if anything catches your fancy. We sampled some small pickled crabs which looked scary at first but turned out to be absolutely delicious.

        Sunbites Hot and Spicy Chips

        Sunbites from Lotte Mart in Seoul
        This is the Korean version of the Grain Waves snack. The chips are slightly thinner than Grain Waves and you can chomp down a pack pretty quickly.

        This is the korean version of the well-loved Australian Grain Waves chips, just thinner, crispier and oh-so-tasty. Pop one of these multi-grain chips into your mouth and you won’t be able to stop.

        Seasonal fruits

        Remember to check out the fruit in season at Lotte Mart. In Autumn, you’ll get to enjoy the sweetest and juiciest persimmons and kyoho grapes, which are round and deep purple in colour. I also saw these beautifully adorned watermelons at another supermarket, which cost around S$40 each.

        Also check out our Top 20 Supermarket Treats from Bangkok.

        Lotte Mart at Seoul Station

        Address: 432, Cheongpa-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul
        Click her for all other Lotte Mart branches.