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    Kam's Roast spread

    One of my absolute favourite go-to comfort foods is Cantonese-style roast meats. No fancy schmancy cooking methods, no artistically arranged plating. A generous handful of flavourful and robust meat slapped upon a bed of fluffy white rice. Especially after a long day, I just want to grab a good meal, bring it home, and eat it while I binge watch my current favourite series.

    Four Treasures on a Plate

    One Michelin star restaurant Kam’s Roast has just released its “Four Treasure Rice” dish – a one-dish heaven for a roast meat lover. The four ‘treasures’ found in the dish are the roast duck, char siew (barbequed pork), soya sauce chicken, and half a salted egg.

    Priced at $11.80++, the dish comes with a free soup of the day if ordered as a takeaway. That is quite a good deal, considering the generous amount of meat on top of the different varieties.

    Kam's Roast Four Treasure Rice
    Kam’s Roast Four Treasure Rice

    How’s the meat?

    The meats that I had were mainly lean cuts, but they did not taste as dry as what I would expect from lean meats. While the meats were still juicy, the duck meat boasted a very good robust and gamey flavour.

    The dish comes laden with a duck broth sauce, which is made from the roast duck drippings mixed with other sauces. Salty and full of umami flavour, it goes very well with plain rice. Ask for the spring onion and ginger sauce that goes very well with the soya sauce chicken and gives it a very herbaceous and garlicky flavour.

    If the one dish meal isn’t enough, order some Sio Bak (roast pork) to complete the roast meat quartet. The meat has a very crispy crackling, and doesn’t feel cloying nor saturated with oil. For something more unique, try the Lap Cheong (preserved sausages) which comes in two flavours. The darker coloured and sweeter goose liver sausage which has a very robust and smoky flavour, and the pink lean meat sausage which has a good balance of sweetness and saltiness, with a surprising burst of floral and fruity aromas. The restaurant prides in using a copious amount of rose wine in their preserved sausages, hence the strong fruity and floral aromas.

    Kam's Roast Lap Cheong
    Lap cheong

    What’s so special about Kam’s Roast?

    Kam’s Roast is the first overseas branch from its flagship outlet in Hong Kong named Kam’s Roast Goose. The restaurant was started by Mr Hardy Kam, who is the grandson of the late Mr Kam Shui Fai, founder of the famous Yung Kee Restaurant located along Wellington Street in Hong Kong. Because of the strict regulations in Singapore, Kam’s Roast is unable to import the geese from the supplier that provides for their Hong Kong outlet. Hence, they decided to omit the “Goose” from their outlet in Singapore to prevent misinterpretation.

    An interesting fact is that Kam’s Roast offers chilli sauce; which is not offered in their Hong Kong outlet. The reason behind it was that many Singaporeans were not used to not having chilli sauce with their roast meats, hence the chefs crafted up an exclusive chilli sauce solely to sate the local palates. The chilli sauce reminded me of the ones served with Nasi Lemak; sweet, spicy and had a strong Belachan (shrimp paste) aroma.

    Kam's Roast crackling roast pork
    Add a side of crackling roast pork for even more satisfying roast meat feast

    For the month of June, the restaurant is having their Signature Roast promotion. For every two takeaway signature roasts, get the third one at a 50% discount.

    Kam’s Roast

    Address: Pacific Plaza, 9 Scotts Road #01-04/05/06/07, Singapore 228210

    Hours: 11am – 10pm Mon – Fri, 10.30am – 10pm Sat – Sun

    Phone: 6836 7788


    The article “A Meaty Michelin Star ‘Four Treasure’ Experience” first appeared on The Foodstuff.

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      Kam's Roast marinated duck

      We used to know exactly what to order at Kam’s Roast. Some of its duck and maybe a serving of its beautifully charred but pricey toro char siew ($22.80 per portion) made from premium pork belly, on the side. After all, the Michelin-starred eatery from Hong Kong is famous for these 2 dishes. But recently, that ordering process just got a little trickier, thanks to the newly added marinated items to its menu.

      Kam's Roast Toro char siew
      Toro char siew
      Kam's Roast roast duck
      Roast duck

      We’re not complaining, as new additions, especially the marinated duck is darn delicious – good enough to rival its roast duck. So it’s really quite a toss up. The marinated duck ($18.80 for around 4 people) is made from a blend of homemade sauce using dried spices and soya sauce. The result is a clear, light brown sauce, rather than the starchy gravy you get from the usual marinated duck rice places. The surprisingly thing was this clear, light sauce was actually very tasty and coated the duck meat well. Some people avoid eating duck meat as it can be rather fatty but the cuts used here were pretty lean with the occasional fat under skin – totally acceptable.

      Kam's Roast marinated duck
      The glistening whole marinated duck
      Kam's Roast marinated duck all items
      Marinated items from the new menu.

      Other than the duck, Kam’s Roast also added two other marinated dishes to the menu – marinated egg and tofu.We’re not exaggerating when we say that everything sitting in the sauce turned out well! The egg ($1.80 each), marinated with the shells off, took on the savoury flavours of the sauce, while still retaining its eggy freshness. As for the tofu ($4.80 per portion), we simply loved how smooth and tender it was. The whole idea of the light marinate was not to overpower the natural flavours of the ingredients.

      Kam's Roast marinated duck wings
      Duck wings


      If you’re in the mood for some duck meat, definitely check out Kam’s Roast. But you’ll have call the quacks whether to go with the roast or marinated duck – or both.

      Kam’s Roast

      Address: 9 Scotts Road, #01-04 Republic Plaza, Singapore 228210
      Phone: +65 6836 7788
      Opening daily: 11am – 10pm (Mon to Fri); 10am – 10pm (Sat to Sun and public holiday)

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        Tsuta 18 Tai Seng - Miso Soba

        Arriving at the Tsuta outlet at Tai Seng one Friday evening, we were rather surprised by the long queue outside the ramen bar. Who would have expected to see such a crowd at this ‘ulu’ (remote) place? Turns out, we were the ones under the radar all along — as there are quite a few Michelin-starred eateries at Tai Seng, including Tsuta, Tim Ho Wan and Hawker Chan Restaurant (soya sauce chicken).

        Other than the Michelin-starred outlets, Tai Seng is also home to a number of cool cafes like Jumpin, Supermilk and the delightful Carol Mel Café.

        Back to Tstua, we noticed that most of the patrons queuing outside the 18-seater restaruant were there to try the newly launched Miso Soba ($16-$23.80). Outside of Japan, the Miso Soba can only be found at the Tai Seng outlet. It features a miso broth, flavoured by chicken, clams, vegetables, miso and porcini mushrooms. The first thing that hit our taste buds was the punchy flavour of the miso soup, followed by a more subtle earthy flavour of the porchini mushroom oil, and ending with a milky finish. The chef uses red miso for the soup, which is miso that has been fermented for a longer time compared to white or shiro miso, to give it a deeper umani flavour. But that also meant that the heavier, more pungent flavour of the soup might not sit well with some diners –like us – who found the broth to be too strong for our liking. For the noodles, the chef used a thicker noodle to complement the broth. The char siew made from Canadian pork collar was definitely worth a mention. Cut 3mm in thickness just before serving, it had just the right amount of lean and fatty meat to yield an excellent texture. Pan-fried corn, beansprouts and watercress were also added to the noodles to give the dish some crunch.

        Tsuta 18 Tai Seng Shoyu Soba
        Shoyu Soba is the signature dish at Tsuta
        Tsuta 18 Tai Seng Miso Soba
        Miso Soba is exclusive to the 18 Tai Seng outlet
        Tsuta 18 Tai Seng Onsen egg
        A ramen meal is not complete without an onsen egg

        We also tried Tsuta’s signature ramen, Shoyu Soba, which is also available at Tsuta Singapore’s first outlet located at the ground floor of Pacific Plaza. It came topped with the same delicious char siew, bamboo shoot, ajitama (flavoured egg) and a small heap of of truffle puree. No wonder the fragrance of the truffle was so strong! Despite the clear and light broth, the soup was well balanced and packed a lot of flavour. The Shoyu Soba ranges from $15-$22.80. The higher price comes with four slices of char siew and one egg.

        Tsuta is the world’s first Michelin-starred ramen eatery founded by chef Yuki Onishi, who opened his first outlet in Sugamo, Japan.

        Tsuta kitchen staff ensures that the char siew slices are consistently 3mm thick
        Tsuta kitchen staff ensures that the char siew slices are consistently 3mm thick
        Tsuta is located inside 18 Tai Seng mall
        Tsuta is located inside 18 Tai Seng mall

        Tsuta Singapore

        18 Tai Seng outlet

        Address: 18 Tai Seng Street #01-01 Singapore 539775
        Opening Hours:
        11am – 9pm, Last Order 8:30pm


        Pacific Plaza outlet

        Address: #01-01, 9 Scotts Road Singapore
        Phone: +65 6734 4886
        Opening Hours: 11am – 10pm, Last Order 9:30pm