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    Herbal Lion Mane Mushroom $7.90 at Greendot
    Herbal Lion Mane Mushroom $7.90

    Good food in good company is certainly something we will always want more of. Greendot, a chain of restaurant in Singapore serving fusion-style, meat-free meals is making it easier for you to share a healthy meal by introducing a range of new dishes.

    Available at Paya Lebar and VivoCity outlets, the new dishes are free of MSG as well as artificial preservatives. The company’s nutritionist also works closely with chefs to ensure you get delicious, healthy and meat-free meals that are not only affordable, but also nutritious and tastes great.

    Of the lot, the Herbal Lion’s Mane Mushroom (S$7.90) is our favourite. The immune-boosting premium mushroom has a meaty bite and goes easy with your choice of either the white or brown rice. The medley of lion’s mane mushroom, baby corn, snap peas and bell peppers is cooked using Greendot’s best-selling herbal soup, giving the dish an aromatic and rich flavour.

    Sweet & Sour Crispy Nuggets $7.90 at Greendot
    Sweet & Sour Crispy Nuggets $7.90
    Broccoli in Creamy Pumpkin Puree, $5.90 at Greendot
    Broccoli in Creamy Pumpkin Puree, $5.90
    Golden Mango Yogurt Konnyaku $7.90 at Greendot
    Golden Mango Yogurt Konnyaku $7.90

    Other new additions include the Crisp-fried Sweet & Sour Soya Nuggets (S$7.90) tossed with capsicum and pineapple, the Golden Mango Yogurt Sliced Konnyaku (S$7.90) drizzled with a tangy mango-yogurt sauce, as well as a stir-fry of broccoli served with creamy pumpkin puree (S$5.90). Each dish is good for 3 persons and boasts vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that seek to “power-up” your body.

    If you are heading down with a bigger group, mix if up with the restaurant’s steamboat set ($35.90) that comes with hearty mix of vegetables for a guilt-free, healthy meal.

    Laksa Steamboat Set $35.90 at Greendot
    Laksa Steamboat Set $35.90

    These dishes are available at the following outlets:

    Vivo City Outlet
    1 Harbourfront Walk, Vivo City, #02-150
    Phone:+65 6873 2301

    Paya Lebar Square Outlet
    60 Paya Lebar Road, Paya Lebar Square, #02-15/16/17
    Phone:+65 6702 2221

    Opening Hours: 11:00 to 22:00 (Last order 21:00)

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      Gold leaf ice-cream at Small Potatoes Ice Creamery

      You have seen gold, learned about gold (remember the periodic table?), and perhaps even dreamed of owning gold.

      Now is your chance to indulge your taste bud with a little luxury – a little 24k gold/silver-layered ice cream luxury that is.

      The Small Potatoes Ice Creamery in Singapore recently released their Sea Salt Caramel with Gold Leaf and Purple Potato with Silver Leaf ice creams, priced at S$12 and S$10, respectively.

      Gold lining tummy i have now 💛

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      Don’t get discouraged with the price just yet because both gold and silver leaves are Japan-imported, made from actual food-grade 24k gold (basically meaning that it is an edible bling).

      The Japanese believe that consuming gold can aid in maintaining youthfulness and prolonging life span – but if you are not into that, just do it for the ‘gram.

      If that’s not enough, only Hokkaido milk is used to produce the soft serve.

      Based on the Kinkaku Soft Serve Ice Cream’s creation, those in the land of the rising sun can find these special desserts in Kinkakuji (the Golden Pavilion) just outside of Central Kyoto, Japan.

      The earliest I am able to travel to #Kanazawa is likely next year so guess I'll have a golden leaf from there on my ice cream first. 🏅☘️🍦 Absolutely love the sweet potato soft serve from #SmallPotatoesIceCreamery; you can really taste the freshness of the #PurplePotatoes from #Okinawa and #Milk from #Hokkaido that this dessert is made from. With the golden leaf, it's such a awesome combination, even the sweet potatoes on the wall wants some. 🍠😋💕 #SmallPotatoes #SmallPotatoesSG #SoftServe #IceCream #SweetPotato #SaltedCaramel #GoldLeaf #GoldenLeaf #LimitedEdition #Japan #金沢 #日本 #キンパク #金箔 #アイスクリーム #ソフトクリーム #芋 #塩キャラメル #北海道 #牛乳 #Food #Instafood #Foodagram #Foodstagram

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      Those who aren’t in Japan, just head on to Small Potatoes Ice Creamery branches located at Somerset 313 and Novena Square 2 to get a taste of the rich life.

      Be mindful that these edible luxuries will only be in stores until they sell out, so best make your purchase quick.

      This article Pamper your taste buds with this luxurious 24K gold leaf ice-cream appeared first on TheHive.Asia.com.

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        The Great Meat Feast 2017 - The Carvery

        Meat lovers attention! The Great Meat Feast at The Carvery, Park Hotel Alexandra is back. Running from 27 September to 22 October 2017, the Great Meat Feast is an eat-all-you-can buffet that lets you indulge in different cuts of meats prepared expertly by a kitchen led by new executive chef Ian Hioe. The Great Meat Feast is priced at $78++ from Monday to Thursday and $88++ from Friday to Sunday.

        This year, in addition to a range of premium beef, The Carvery will also introduce two different cuts of pork — a pork collar from Dingley Dell Farm in Britain and Australia’s Bungalow Sweet Pork pork belly.

        “Pork is very often underrated so with these two meats as part of this year’s line-up, The Great Meat Feast will once again have a stellar offering on the carving board for the meat lovers”, says Executive Chef Ian Hioe.

        Here are the highlights from the Great Meat Feast:

        Dingley Bell (British)

        For those who knows their pork, Dingley Dell pork is the result of crossbreeding Landrace, Red Duroc and Large White pigs. This creates a meat that’s flavourful and has a fat marbling of 7%.

        The Carvery first sous vide (slow cook) the meat for 12 hours, marinating the meat in fresh apple juice, garlic and herbs at the same time. The amazing cut of pork is then salt baked for 20 minutes before cracking it to unveil the aromatic and beautiful pink flesh.

        Salt Baked Dingley Dell Pork
        Salt Baked Dingley Dell Pork

        Bungalow Sweet Pork (Australia)

        Bungalow Sweet Pork is a multi-award winning, antibiotic and hormone-free meat supplied by family farms in Australia. The Carvery uses the belly to make a insanely crispy porchetta, or siow bak. If you are going down for the feast, this dish is a must-have. And make sure you have the crackling skin! If not for all the meats we had, we would ask for a third helping.

        Preparing the Porchetta
        The Porchetta is prepared by applying a blend of coffee and cocoa powder, paprika and oregano before rolling and tying the belly up snugly with a rope

        Beef selection

        For beef, to retain the its natural flavours and nuances, Chef Ian opts to simply slow roast them with salt and pepper. At the feast, you will be able to savour British 28 days dry aged Aberdeen Angus (only available on weekends), Australia’s John Dee and Mayura full-blood Wagyu and U.S. black Augus.

        Our pick is the 28 days dry aged Aberdeen Angus and the Mayura full-blood Wagyu. The Aberdeen Angus is amazingly tender due to the aging process with an strong bovine flavour that is best enjoyed without any condiments while the Mayura full-blood Wagyu has consistent marbling throughout the cut of the meat and is rich in flavour.

        While the highlight of the buffet is certainly the meats, The Carvery also has a high quality selection of starters like Jicama and mango salad, smoked salmon and endive, freshly shucked oysters and other seafood. Hot dishes and a la minute pasta also adds variety to the high protein meats.

        There is also a small selection of desserts like English Trifle, Spiced Apple Crumble and Chocolate truffle cake just to finish your meal on a sweet note.

        New Executive Chef Ian Hioe
        Executive Chef Ian Hioe

        The Great Meat Feast 2017 at The Carvery

        Address: Level 7, Park Hotel Alexandra, 323 Alexandra Road, Singapore 159972
        Phone: +65-6828-8880
        Dates: From 27 September to 22 October 2017 (dinner only)
        Price: Adults $78++ (Mon – Thu), $88++ (Fri – Sun), Child (5 – 12 years old) $42++ (Mon – Thu), $48++ (Fri – Sun)
        Time: 6.30pm to 10pm
        Website: parkhotelgroup.com/alexandra

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          Katsudon Hanakatsu at Eat@Seven

          Katsudon Hanakatsu is one of those eateries that specialises in just one type of dish — and does it really well.

          Hailing from Japan, the restaurant specialises in katsudon, a popular Japanese dish consisting of deep fried pork or chicken cutlet served on rice.

          For your main course, you can choose from either the original, HA – NA Katsudon, or spicy flavour, HA  – NA Katsudon Spicy Flavour. That’s it, no complications, no frills and minimal decision-making required. Sweet!

          Generous portions to please big eaters

          Each katsudon comes with 6 slices of meat cutlet; 3 pork and 3 chicken covered in a light and crispy golden brown batter. The meats are arranged in way that makes the cutlets resemble the petals of a blooming flower sprouting out of the rice bowl – an appetising sight for meat lovers, indeed. And for all that generous serving, the bowl only costs $13.50.

          Despite being deep fried, we were surprised by how tender and juicy the cutlets were. Compared to other katsudon places we’ve tried, Hanakatsu’s meats are more thinly sliced and uses a crumb batter, rather than the thick-cut cutlets covered in a flaky batter. Between the pork and chicken, we like the former better as the meat was sliced thinner, thus enhancing the crispiness and had more flavour.

          Katsudon Hanakatsu Original flavour

          Katsudon Hanakatsu Spicy flavour

          Spicy bowl – only available in Singapore

          Knowing how Singaporeans love spicy food, the restaurant created the spicy katsudon bowl just for us. Being a Japanese restaurant, we were skeptical about the level of spiciness at first. But we decided to give it a shot, anyway, and ordered it along with the original flavour. When the food arrived, we saw that the spicy cutlets were fiery red – and looking quite promising. As it turned out,  the cutlets weren’t tongue-numbingly spicy, but it definitely had heat — enough to make us stop for a few big gulps of iced green tea throughout the meal. So if you can’t take spicy food, go for the original instead and just add dashes of chilli powder to taste.

          The rice is worth a mention as the restaurant uses high quality Nanatsuboshi rice imported from Hokkaido. You can choose from white rice or the 16-grain variety which comes at no extra charge.

          Katsudon Hanakatsu 16-grain variety rice option
          16-grain variety rice option

          We’re glad that the restaurant offers miso soup as a side order, as that helped to wash down all that meaty goodness. Known as Ton-ji-ru ($3), the soup is chock-full of vegetables like cabbage and carrots and even had some pieces of pork in it.

          Is it worth checking out?

          Katsudon Hanakatsu is located right next to Tendon Kohaku, a popular restaurant under the same group. Due to the proximity, some people recommend Katsudon Hanakatsu as a plan B for diners who turned up for Tendon Kohaku but decided they didn’t to wait too long in line at the tempura place. Personally, however, we think that Katsudon Hanakatsu — with its delicious and value-for-money katsudon offering –  should be more than just an after thought.

          Katsudon Hanakatsu

          Address: Suntec City Mall, Eat @ Seven, 3 Temasek Boulevard #03-10, Singapore 038983

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            Niku Katsumata Ebisu Course
            Niku Katsumata Ebisu Course

            If you think grilling meat can only be done on an iron grill, then think again. Most people expect to walk into a yakiniku restaurant that is smoky with a charred meat smell. To our surprise, when we entered Niku Katsumata, a 28-seater on Duxton Road, we were greeted with a subtle grilled beef aroma sans the smokiness. We soon found out why as we were led to our seats. The premium meats are expertly grilled by the amiable restaurant staff on a special crystal plate over low flames in front of the guests.

            Niku Katsumata prides itself on the quality of the meats it imports from Kagoshima, Japan and wants to ensure that guests savour the tender, moist meat with every bite.

            The restaurant cooks the premium wagyu meat over a crystal plate
            The restaurant cooks the premium wagyu meat over a crystal plate, accentuating the taste of the meat while keeping it moist and tender

            We tried the generously sized 7-dish Katsumata Course which included the following:

            • Starter: today’s special of Japanese peach and ham and simmered beef tendon
            • Appetizer: homemade kimchi and marinated vegetables
            • Sashimi: Kagoshima wagyu beef and liver sashimi
            • Salad: Chinese cabbage salad topped with umami seaweed
            • Yakiniku of selected meats (150 grams): beef tongue, assorted wagyu beef, black pork loin, wagyu beef fillet
            • Rice/Noodle: wagyu beef curry or chicken noodle soup
            • Dessert: black sesame ice cream
            Wagyu selection from the Ebisu course menu
            Wagyu selection from the Katsumata course menu

            Our favourites?

            Naturally, we enjoyed the grilled meat which were nicely accentuated by a selection of imported British rock salt, freshly made marinade, or a few drops of freshly squeezed lemon juice. The Wagyu beef fillets stood out because they were incredibly tender and juicy. Just when we thought the highlight of the course was over, we were suitably impressed by the light but flavourful chicken soba soup served to top off our meal.

            We were also pleasantly surprised by the humble Chinese cabbage sprinkled with dried seaweed salad. The seaweed raised the umami levels of the lightly seasoned shredded cabbage and helped whet our appetites while we waited for our meat platter.


            Chinese cabbage salad sprinkled with dried seaweed
            Chinese cabbage salad sprinkled with dried seaweed
            Chicken soba at Niku Katsumata
            Chicken soba

            For its 1-year anniversary, Niku Katsumata is running a 1-for-1 promotion from September 12-26 for its 3 set courses: Niku Course with 6 dishes ($98++), Katsuma Course with 7 dishes ($128++) and Ebisu Course with 8 dishes ($168++). Each set meal offers surprise variations, from premium Kagoshima beef to the amazingly tender black pork loin and chicken soba to wagyu donburi with bonito broth.

            Niku Katsumata

            Address: 47 Duxton Road Singapore 089511
            Phone: +65 9162 7502
            Opening Hours: 5:30pm – 11:00pm

            *Article and images by Debra Foo and Lauren Liang

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              Kale Caesar at Antoinette
              Kale Caesar

              There are lots of good dessert places in Singapore. But one that specialises in both desserts and savoury dishes – maybe not so common.

              That’s one of the things that impresses us time and again with Antoinette, helmed by chef Pang Kok Keong. After all, being able to get the best of both worlds under the same roof is a pretty neat idea.

              We were at Antoinette to try out Chef Pang’s new dishes and desserts. The new savoury dishes are a fusion of East meets West – and they are all pretty elaborate.

              We had some warm bread ($5) to start off the meal. They came served with 4 types of special butter including caramelised shallots, rempah and preserved turnips (chai po). The fourth and most outstanding butter was preserved beancurd or Chinese ‘fuyu’.  The ‘force’ is strong with this one – you’ve been warned.

              Our favourite dishes of the night are the Kale Caesar ($22)and Hakka Gnocchi. The salad is served with roasted five-spiced chicken roulade and a generous sprinkling of fried garlic and crispy salted fish, which goes extremely well with the kale.

              Kale Caesar at Antoinette
              Kale Caesar
              Hakka Gnocchi at Antoinette
              Hakka Gnocchi

              The colourful Hakka Gnocchi ($24) is not only pretty to look at, it is also well executed. The soft and chewy gnocchi got their beautiful colours from ingredients like beetroot, purple sweet potato and yam. As we couldn’t taste the difference between the different flavoured gnocchi under the heavy-tasting foie gras gravy, we like them all the same. Mixed with salty cured minced pork, the dish was very satisfying.

              Next came Chef’s favourite amongst his new creations – Spaghetti with Pork Belly Ragout and cuttlefish ($24).  Chef says he draws inspiration from a “peasant dish” he fondly remembers from his childhood days called ‘Ke Jia Yen Mien’, which is prepared by tossing fragrant oil into noodles. We especially like the addition of cuttlefish to this hearty dish as it not only lends umami flavours but also provides chewiness to the dish.

              Chicken Rice at Antoinette
              Chicken Rice

              The Antoinette style Chicken Rice ($36) is a play on the Singaporean Classic. Even though only breast meat is used, the chicken slices are very tender, as it’s cooked sous vide style. Barley is used instead of rice and the grains are infused with chicken stock and spices. The accompanying sauces come in the form of small blobs of dark soya sauce foam and chilli gel beautifully arranged around the plate. It’s definitely an interesting dish but we would go for a normal plate of hearty chicken rice (not barley) anytime.

              New desserts at Antoinette
              New desserts at Antoinette
              Misty Forest at Antoinette
              Misty Forest

              Desserts are a must at Antoinette, especially after we’ve seen how exquisitely designed the cakes look on our way in. If you only have space for one, we highly recommend the ‘Pandan’ ($14). The first part of this dessert consists of creamy Pandan kaya smeared on small pieces of toast. The second parter builds up to a medley of pandan infused desserts consisting of Pandan foam, ice cream, sponge and coconut crumble. Chef must have crammed a ton of aromatic pandan leaves into the dessert, as the flavours are so intense. The dessert is made even better by pairing it with salted gula melaka. Beautiful as a dream!

              Chocolate lovers will be charmed by the Misty Forest ($18). It’s designed like the ground of a forest covered in small twigs, crumbly dark soil and the occasional sprig of weed (edible). Served under a glass dome filled with smoke, the dish is well deserving of its dramatic presentation (all eyes will be on your table). Enjoy the chocolatey goodness to madness as you shovel your way into this delicious crumble of chocolate cream, cashew nut nougatine and bright yuzu curd.

              La Rose at Antoinette
              La Rose
              Charlotte IV Petite
              Charlotte IV Petite

              Antoinette Restaurants

              Penhas Road
              30 Penhas Road (off Lavender Street), Singapore 208188
              Tel: (65) 6293 3121
              Fax: (65) 6293 3220

              Mandarin Gallery
              333A Orchard Road, Mandarin Gallery #02-33/34, Singapore 238897
              Tel: (65) 6836 9527
              Fax: (65) 6836 9209

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              Star Wars: Experience the force festival

              Get ready to experience a 10-day long Star Wars themed festival in Singapore this September.

              Opening on 1 September 2017, the Star Wars: Experience the Force Singapore festival co-organised by ReedPOP and The Walt Disney Company Southeast Asia will allow fans to be a part of the global fan event as they celebrate the merchandise release of the upcoming movie “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” at ION Orchard.

              There will be various exciting pop-up experiences and fan-based activities, including the first-ever installation of the Millennium Falcon and the first-ever Padawan Training in Southeast Asia. Aspiring Padawans aged between 4 to 12 are invited to train in the ways of the Force and learn how to master a lightsaber under the guidance of a Jedi Master.


              Star Wars: Experience the force festival

              A unique opportunity to meet and interact with the adorable BB-8 droid in virtual reality will take place at the Basement 4 of ION Station. Created by ILMxLAB, this installation is a first for Southeast Asia fans after debuting at the Star Wars Celebration Orlando 2017 earlier this year.


              Apart from that, Toys ‘R’ Us, Simply Toys, and Beast Kingdom will be bringing their 3.5 meter tall AT-ACT Walker set from the Battle of Scarif scene and exclusive “Star Wars” merchandise to the festival as well.

              Best of all, the 10-day festival experiences along Orchard Road are FREE!

              For more information, go to Star Wars: Experience the Force website.

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                25-Pounder Gun from Witness to War: Remembering 1942 exhibition

                Even though many of us studied history in secondary schools and are familiar with stories of Singapore during the Japanese occupation in World War 2, being able to “see” beyond the textbooks will definitely aid in the understand of this milestone period better. The National Museum latest exhibition Witness to War: Remembering 1942 seeks to do just that, allowing you to explore a rich and complex world of untold stories of the events leading up to the occupation.

                Witness to War: Remembering 1942 commemorates the 75th anniversary of the fall of Singapore to the Japanese forces on 15 February 1942 and its immediate aftermath, through never-before-seen artefacts and accounts from war survivors and veterans. It also explores the time period from the late 1930s leading up to that faithful day.

                In order to put this exhibition together, National Museum collaborated with over 10 museums and institutions like the Australian War Memorial and the Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa, to features over 130 artefacts, many of which have never been displayed in Southeast Asia before. Some of these items include the personal diary of Major- General Lim Bo Seng and a 25-Pounder Gun used during the war.

                25-Pounder Gun from Witness to War: Remembering 1942 exhibition
                25-Pounder Gun

                To provide an immersive experience to visitors of the exhibition, the museum has created a time tunnel displaying a film montage as well as several interactive stations. Parents who wish to introduce the subject of war to kids through the eyes of young people who lived through the fall of Singapore in 1942 can bring them to the dedicated family activity space for children aged 7 to 12.

                Witness to War: Remembering 1942 Details:

                Exhibition period: 23 September 2017 to 25 March 2018
                Opening hours: 10am to 7pm

                For more details, visit www.nationalmuseum.sg.

                How to get there:

                By Bus:
                YMCA Bus Stop 08041:
                SBS: 7, 14, 14e, 16, 36, 64, 65, 111, 124, 128, 139, 162, 162M, 174, 174e, 175
                SMRT: 77, 106, 167, 171, 190, 700, 700A, 972, NR6, NR7

                SMU Bus Stop 04121:
                SBS: 7, 14, 14e, 16, 36, 111, 124, 128, 131, 147, 162, 162M, 166, 174, 174e, 175
                SMRT: 77, 106, 167, 171, 190, 700, 700A, 857, NR7

                By MRT:
                Bras Basah MRT Station (5-minute walk from Exit B or C)
                Dhoby Ghaut MRT Station (5-minute walk from Exit A)
                City Hall MRT Station (10-minute walk from Exit A or B)


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                  Chef Wan's Kitchen

                  Fans of food programmes in Asia will be familiar with the flamboyant and animated Chef Wan. The celebrity chef from Malaysia served royalties, sultans and celebrities across the world and cooked up 35 years of culinary experience. After  shuttering 1 Market by Chef Wan, a halal Asian cuisine buffet at Plaza Singapura, Chef Wan is back to launch Chef Wan’s Kitchen at Esplanade.

                  So what’s the difference?

                  The new restaurant no longer serves buffet. Chef Wan’s Kitchen is the chef’s first a-la-carte concept, in Singapore. The restaurant features recipes that has been passed down for generations–from his grandmother to his mother and then to him–and a mix of authentic heritage Asian and international dishes. From Peranakan and Moroccan to Javanese and Spanish cuisines, Chef Wan’s Kitchen has a curated menu of the chef’s favourite and memorable dishes.

                  Our top 5 dishes at Chef Wan’s Kitchen

                  1. Bibik Neo’s Laksa (S$15.90)

                  Some of my favourite dishes at the restaurant are not the sophisticated ones but rather those that are quite traditional. The Bibik Neo’s Laksa (S$15.90) for example, elevated the humble hawker dish by using a unique blend of spices, grinded fresh sea prawns and coconut milk. If I wasn’t sharing this dish with someone, I would have polished the creamy, rich and mildly spicy gravy. This dish is also Chef Wan’s favourite childhood dish that is cooked by his grandmother on special occasions.

                  Bibik Neo's Laksa
                  Bibik Neo’s Laksa

                  2. Mee Rebus with Prawn Fritters (S$15.90)

                  This dish is certainly a surprise for me as I am not a huge fan of mee rebus and I also don’t like the thick yellow noodles. The mee rebus sauce is one of the best I have tasted with a good balance of spiciness and sweetness. The consistency of the sauce also helps coat the noodles evenly. No wonder the royal family of Brunei sang praises of the dish when Chef Wan presented this dish to them. Cik Aini’s Mee Rebus with Prawn Fritters is special to Chef Wan. Serving this dish in his restaurant is a way of paying tribute to his mother, who made a living selling this dish for 31 years in order to bring up her children. I didn’t really appreciate the prawn fritter which was covered in too much batter and slightly over-fried.

                  Cik Aini's Mee Rebus with Prawn Fritters
                  Cik Aini’s Mee Rebus with Prawn Fritters

                  3. Oxtail Soup (S$17.90)

                  A favourite of the Brunei Sultan, Chef Wan’s Oxtail Soup (S$17.90) is a dish that is simmered and boiled for many hours. The soup is full of flavours from the medley of spices and the meat of the oxtail falls off the bone easily. This dish reminds me of Soto Ayam (Malay chicken soup) but has bolder and more robust flavours.

                  Chef Wan's Oxtail Soup
                  Chef Wan’s Oxtail Soup

                  4. Selangor Beef Rendang (S$22.90)

                  For those who loves rendang, you will not be disappointed with Chef Wan’s Selangor Beef Rendang (S$22.90). If you have tried making rendang at home, you will appreciate the effort it takes to cook this dish. Unlike dishes that you can whip up a la minute, the flavours of rendang develops with time. The version here is drier and less oily and I like it that they use a leaner cut of beef. The tender, melt-in-your-mouth texture of the beef coated with thick, dark gravy makes this dish a must-try.

                  Chef Wan’s Selangor Beef Rendang
                  Chef Wan’s Selangor Beef Rendang

                  5. Chilled Coconut Custard (S$5.90)

                  Ending a meal here with a Chilled Coconut Custard was definitely the right choice. Chef Wan hit a home run with this cold, smooth pudding topped with high-quality sweet and salty gula melaka (palm sugar) dessert. The grated coconut bits and taste reminds us of the Indonesian snack ondeh-ondeh and the popular chendol dessert.

                  Prawn Curry with Pineapple
                  Prawn Curry with Pineapple
                  Ayam Goreng Java Chef Wan
                  Ayam Goreng Java Chef Wan
                  Lawar (Balinese Vegetable and Chicken Salad)
                  Lawar (Balinese Vegetable and Chicken Salad)

                  Other highlights include the Prawn Curry with Pineapple ($21.90), Lawar Salad (S$17.90) as well as dishes like the Moroccan Harira Lamb Meatball Soup (S$17.90) made with chickpeas, coriander leaves, ginger, onions, parsley, tomatoes, tomato purée and turmeric.

                  Chef Wan’s Kitchen is located on the second floor of Esplanade Mall. The modern interior with a view of Marina Bay Sands makes the dining experience even better.

                  Interior of Chef Wan's Kitchen
                  Interior of Chef Wan’s Kitchen

                  Interior of Chef Wan's Kitchen

                  Chef Wan’s Kitchen

                  Address: 8 Raffles Avenue, #02-14 Esplanade Mall, Singapore 039802
                  Opening hours: Monday to Sunday: 12.00PM – 2.30PM, 5.30PM – 10.30PM
                  Phone: +65 63974911
                  Email: [email protected]
                  Social Media: Facebook, Instagram

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                    KARA cafe and dessert bar

                    Some of us may remember Singapore’s very first Sogurt outlet, which opened about 7 years ago.

                    Located along Bukit Timah Road, a 5-minute walk from Tan Kah Kee MRT Station, the dessert bar specialises in self-serve frozen yogurt (or froyo), where diners can experiment with its 50 or flavours, toppings and size of serving in a fun, do-it-yourself kind of way.

                    Fast forward to today, Sogurt has morphed into a full-fledged café offering a variety of dishes, drinks and desserts. And yes, its yummy froyo offering is still available. It has also been renamed KARA Café & Dessert Bar.

                    KARA cafe and dessert bar
                    KARA cafe is located near Coronation Plaza along Bukit Timah Road
                    KARA cafe logo
                    The hebrew word ‘Kara’ means being in the right place at the right time. The unique logo has a door to symbolise the meaning of the word as well as a stylised letter ‘K’

                    To mark its new menu, KARA is given a nice sprucing up décor wise. From the customised flora-themed wallpaper and furniture, to the use of pastel pinks and greens, the place feels fresh, chic and gives off certain girly charms.

                    The new menu is surprisingly varied and not with the usual run-of-the-mill dishes.

                    Okonomiyaki truffle tots, KARA cafe and dessert bar
                    Okonomiyaki truffle tots
                    Pork belly miso bowl, KARA cafe and dessert bar
                    Pork belly miso bowl
                    Coco Cashew Pomelo Bowl, KARA cafe and dessert bar
                    Coco cashew pomelo bowl
                    Korean fried chicken wings, KARA cafe and dessert bar
                    Korean fried chicken wings

                    Take its specialty, the grain bowls,  for instance. They combine ingredients in a way that brings out different flavours and textures in every mouthful. Our favourite grain bowl was the pork belly miso ($16). It comes with fork tender kakuni pork belly, edamame, a soft boiled egg, crispy noodle bits and seaweed strips served on Japanese rice.

                    Vegetarians can opt for the Coco Cashew Pomelo bowl ($13), which consists of a refreshing blend of coconut curry, cashew nuts, black tofu, kale chips, avocado and a sprinkling of pomelo. Ask for a little dressing to go with yours, as ours was on the dry side.

                    The Tomato Miso soup ($6) is rather unusual too, thanks to the addition of miso cream. The result is a light and tart broth with a touch of creaminess.

                    Owner Lee Li Ping said that the new menu is inspired by her travels and favourite cafes around the world, particularly the city of Los Angeles, with an eclectic mix of the many ethnic diversities such as Japanese, Thai, Mexican, American and Korean.

                    To complete your meal, have a go at the DIY froyo. There are interesting flavours like Maple Lavender, Rose Lychee and Dark Chocolate to choose from. We were pleasantly surprised that the Dark Chocolate soft-serve was actually froyo and not ice cream – as it’s so creamy and rich, with just the right hint of bitterness. You’ve got to try it to believe it.

                    Among the fruity flavours, the Strawberry Thyme is our favourite as it is tart as froyo should be. We were happy having it on its own without adding any toppings. But if you prefer yours with, there’s lots to choose from, including fresh fruits, rice crisps, chocolate chips, rainbow sprinkles, marshmallows, granola, gummy bear and more – the works, really.

                    Matcha mochi waffles with strawberry thyme froyo, KARA cafe and dessert bar
                    Matcha mochi waffles with strawberry thyme froyo
                    S'mores Sensation, KARA cafe and dessert bar
                    S’mores Sensation
                    Imported beers from KARA cafe and dessert bar
                    The cafe also curates unique beers from around the world

                    If you prefer warm desserts, try out the S’more Sensation ($12.50) served on a skillet, a chewy yet crispy mochi waffle topped with your choice of froyo and a warm chocolate sauce. We recommend you share it with someone as the serving is rather generous.


                    KARA Café & Dessert Bar

                    Address: 617, Bukit Timah Road

                    Opening hours: 10.30am to 10.30pm daily

                    Phone: +65 6468-8940

                    Website: www.karacafeanddessertbar.com