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Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve definitely heard of the song that begins with “I have a pen, I have an apple…” – well, we’ll let you finish the rest.

After causing major human jams in his recent Taiwan visit, the man behind the viral hit “PPAP” is coming to Singapore this month to take part in the Anime Festival Asia (AFA). And just in case you are still wondering, PPAP stands for Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen.

The song that lasts only 45 seconds is now a Guinness World Record for the shortest song to break into the Billboard Hot 100. In fact, the song is so short that he now has a ‘LONG’ version. Pikotaro, the singer has Justin Bieber to thank, who caused the song to go viral and making it a global sensation after sharing the song to his social media fans.

Since then, “PPAP” has been viewed more than 85 million views on YouTube. And like they all say, the rest is history.

You can catch him at the Anime Festival that takes place from 25 to 27 November 2016. If you are only there for the Japanese comedian Daimaou Kosaka, Pikotaro, do purchase your tickets for the 27 November as that will be the date he lands in Singapore as announced by entertainment channel WakuWaku on its Facebook page. Pikotaro is known for starting his “PPAP” performances anytime, anywhere, so do get ready your lyric and dance move as it might just happen.

Anime Festival Asia 2016 poster
Photo source: Anime Festival Asia 2016

Anime Festival Asia 2016 details:

Date: 25-27 November 2016
Address: Suntec Singapore Convention and Exhibition Centre
Tickets: Starts from S$13 and can be purchased via animefestival.asia

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    Can you guess the alphabet when you combine the 2 images

    So we were told by some readers that our previous quiz was way too easy — even though only 2% of the population supposedly got it right. Hence, we decided to up the ante with another test — now, this memory quiz is said to stumble 99% of the population.

    Ready? Here’s how to go about it.

    Focus on the red dots in the two images below. Can you make out what alphabet is made out of the red dots when you combine the two pictures?

    Can you guess the alphabet when you combine the 2 images
    Can you guess the alphabet when you combine the 2 images

    If you got the answer right (scroll down for the answer), congratulations! Apparently, you belong to the 1% of the population who have a photographic memory, according to the creators of the illusion, Playbuzz. We’re a little skeptical of the claim as a few of us were unfazed by the challenge — yet we have difficulty remembering what we had for lunch that day. Nevertheless, let us know what you think after trying it.


    Did you get the answer right? It's the letter "G"
    Did you get the answer right? It’s the letter “G”

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      In one single move, can you make the matchstick house above turn into a two storey building? Oh, you are also not allowed to move any matchsticks. Sounds impossible? Try having a go at it.

      But just in case you can’t figure it out, we’ve got the answer for you. The video below shows you how you can solve this:

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        Danish travel agency Spies Travel has done it again. Following the viral success of their “Do it for Denmark” procreation stunt, the travel agency has now released a brand new “Do it for Mom!” video, while championing a similar cause — encouraging Danes to have more sex on a tropical holiday to help boost the country’s falling birth rate.

        The tongue-in-cheek campaign is aimed at getting older parents to help their adult children procreate by contributing to their their vacations. This will then also increase their chances of experiencing grandparenthood.

        The hilarious video dishes out some facts and statistics to support their claims, such as the fact that Denmark’s birth rates aren’t really improving, resulting in many older parents not getting to experience being a grandparent, It also adds that Danes are 51 per cent more likely to have more sex while on a sunny vacation.

        So voilà! It turns out it really isn’t rocket science — just give the adult children a tropical vacation and it will go a long way to help solve the problem.

        The Danish travel agency also introduces a “Spie’s Parent Purchase”, which gives older parents a chance to pay for their child’s holiday in exchange for a grandchild nine months later (not guaranteed, of course). Because helping in other ways can be a little awkward…

        There aren't many non-awkward ways to help your children procreate.
        There aren’t many non-awkward ways to help your children procreate.

        The video concludes with the mother sending her son off on a holiday, where he meets another girl.

        So “Do it for Denmark. Do it for Mom”. We hope the Singapore government is watching — they can sure take a lesson or two out of these campaigns.

        Watch the Danish travel agency’s first video here.

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        The song The Moon Represents My Heart (月亮代表我的心) by late Taiwanese songbird Teresa Teng has been covered by hundreds of singers but the latest rendition by rock icon Jon Bon Jovi is definitely one worth plugging in your headphones for.

        53-year-old lead singer of Bon Jovi released his cover of Teresa Teng’s enduring classic on YouTube and was brave enough to sing the entire song in Mandarin. Gulp!

        The video of him recording the beloved karaoke hit in a studio was his ‘gift’ for his Chinese fans for the Chinese Valentine’s Day (Qixi Festival) as well as a well-timed promotional video for his Bon Jovi Live! tour before his China stop in September. Other tour stops include Macau, Taiwan, Singapore and Malaysia.

        “Jon put a lot of thought on choosing the right song for his Chinese fans. Taking into consideration his appreciation for Chinese tradition, Jon decided to choose the cherished and widely popular song The Moon Represents My Heart, a heart-warming classic for Chinese fans as a gift on Chinese Valentine’s Day,” reads a statement on his website.

        So how did he do. The rocker clearly has some room for improvement as far as diction is concerned but we were impressed by his sincerity and attempt to have a go at the ballad in his hoarse rock voice. It is not everyday you get to hear him croon in Mandarin so we were half expecting him to break into metal screams or go an octave higher, but no such luck.

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        Wacky comic book crossovers

        The news of an Archie/Predator crossover was so amusing to us that we couldn’t help but wonder what other crazy, bizarre crossovers have gone down. The results were predictably spectacular with different characters meeting each other.

        1. Riverdale’s Visitors

        The contrast is STRIKING.
        The contrast is STRIKING.
        Riverdale just wants to rock and roll all night but still go to school in the day.
        Riverdale just wants to rock and roll all night but still go to school in the day.

        We noted that even prior to meeting the Predator, Archie met The Punisher, helped the Ninja Turtles out and rocked out with KISS. The plots are all pretty absurd as well, in the case of The Punisher, he comes to Riverdale to take down a drug lord who just happens to be a doppelganger of Archie. Mad props to the Archie crew, who continue to defy logic and give us insane crossovers.

        This... actually doesn't look all that strange.
        This actually doesn’t look all that strange.

        2. Star Trek/X-Men

        Ah... the nineties.
        Ah… the nineties.

        The X-Men and space sagas (*cough* Dark Phoenix Saga *cough*) aren’t generally a good coupling so we were pretty confused why they were paired together. We think we’ve found the panel that illustrates just exactly why they were paired together.

        Puns... comic book writers love them.
        Puns… comic book writers love them.

        Well done, writers, well done. Plus, you get this awesome panel that shows even Wolverine’s healing factor and cigar-powered machismo cannot withstand the power of a Vulcan Death Grip.

        Spock is the Vulcan equivalent of a Chinese Wuxia master
        Spock is the Vulcan equivalent of a Chinese wuxia master

        3.  Scooby Doo Meets Batman (and Robin)

        Batman is used to talking animals.
        Batman is used to talking to animals.

        The Mystery Van and Batmobile tag teamed in a 70s episode of the Hannah Barbera cartoon and paired up again a few years ago in an episode of Batman: The Brave and The Bold. With villains like Killer Croc and Man-Bat in his life, I suppose a talking dog wasn’t all that surprising for Batman to handle. All I wonder is just how annoyed Batman was with Shaggy the whole time they had to work together.

        4. Eminem/Punisher: KILL YOU (Actual Title)

        If you had... one shot, one oppor, oh damn, that's a lot of shots.
        If you had one shot, one oppor- oh damn, that’s a lot of shots.

        To promote his comeback record Relapse (which wasn’t all that successful compared to his other records), Eminem didn’t exactly go press junket/interview route. Instead, he personally chose the Punisher to team up with. Apparently Marvel wanted to team him up with the more PG Spider-Man, but Eminem… being the gangsta he is, chose the Punisher instead. The unlikely duo would take on Punisher foe Barracuda, but Eminem would get the unfortunate Frank Castle luck… as his album didn’t do that great. His next one would light the world on fire though.

        5. The Avengers Meets David Letterman

        I don't really have anything to say. Oh look, Dave had hair.
        I don’t really have anything to say. Oh look, Dave had hair.

        Assistant Editors’ Month brought us this wacky issue where The Avengers went onto David Letterman’s then 2 year old Late Night show as last minute guests. All you really need to know is that it ends with Letterman saving the day by hitting the baddie with a GIANT doorknob.

        6. Superman vs Muhammad Ali

        I LOVE how Supes is just going to box with a cape on.
        We love how Supes is just going to box with a cape on.

        This crossover featured the GOAT and Superman teaming up to fight aliens. Well, this would have been a dream match-up, except it was published during the short period when the GOAT lost his title to Leon Spinks. He would win it a few months after this was published, because… of course. Tough luck, DC.

        7. Thor and Conan team up

        In an issue of Marvel’s long running What If…  series, Thor was transported to Conan’s Hyborian Age. What followed was more muscles and over-the-top machismo on display than a WWE show.

        Bonded by a mutual love of rippling muscles and carefully coiffed manes...
        Bonded by a mutual love of rippling muscles and carefully coiffed manes.

        We also learnt of Conan’s severely underrated linguistic skills. Check out his eulogy for his blonde haired counterpart.

        Conan has a alternate job on the horizon: Eulogy writer.
        Conan has an alternative job on the horizon: Taking over the 50 Shades franchise.

        8. Predator Meets Everyone

        Archie’s upcoming nemesis has had a rather colourful crossover career. The Predator started off by facing the Caped Crusader…

        Batman shows off his pearly whites

        And we move on, wondering how Batman didn’t die within two pages to Superman…

        Not the face!

        And somehow this time, Predator survives and faces off against the Judge, Jury, Executioner himself…

        Predator manages to find the shrink gun from Duke Nukem?

        To the greatest test of his life. After facing off against Bats, Supes and Dredd… Predator must face his greatest challenge. A dude in loincloths yelling OEEEEEEEEYOYOYOYOYOYOYOYO.

        high tech vs no tech?

        And to end it off, they have a crossover meeting another crossover. *mind blown*

        Crossover meets crossover. BOOM.
        Crossover meets crossover. BOOM.

        9. Darkseid vs Galactus: THE HUNGER

        I am going to eat your planet!

        This crossover is hilarious for many reasons. It pits two of Marvel and DC’s biggest bad dudes against each other. And while it isn’t Thanos, the dude at the end of the Avengers movie who’s also a copycat of Darkseid, the real hook is that Galactus, the giant space dude who consumes planets for sustenance, comes to Apokolips, Darkseid’s planet and tries to eat it. Darkseid, used to beating the crap out of the Justice League, isn’t really prepared for this and hilarity literally ensues.

        10. The Avengers vs. Godzilla

        I don't think Vision understands Thor's skill set.
        I don’t think Vision understands Thor’s skill set very well.

        The Avengers lose their cool when they see a giant lizard. Even after all they’ve seen and encountered.

        11. Charles Barkley And Godzilla Play Ball

        Did not know all you needed to block Godzilla's breath was a basketball.
        Did not know all you needed to block Godzilla’s breath was a basketball.

        Spawned from the famous Nike campaign, this is the comic book to turn to if you like watching a ginormous Charles Barkley throw elbows and school Godzilla at basketball. Needless to say, Godzilla did not get a single rebound.

        Some grade A trash talking in this panel here.
        Some grade A trash talking in this panel here.

        12. Spider-Man Meets The Transformers

        The answer to fighting giant transforming robots is CLEARLY not webs.
        The answer to fighting giant transforming robots is CLEARLY not webs.

        The ineffectiveness of Spider-Man while surrounded by giant robots is strangely funny, as shown by him trying to catch the Autobot Gears, only for him to have a Gwen Stacy-esque landing. He also fails at trying to combat Megatron with his webs. It’s pretty clear that this really wasn’t the best team up for Spidey.

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          What appears to be a comical advertisement about pandas behaving badly overseas is actually a public service announcement by Chinese state TV station CCTV to remind Chinese tourists to be on their best behavior.

          Filmed mainly at Sydney Harbour, the ad depicts the pandas engaging in a number of inconsiderate and rude behaviors such as peeing in public, vandalising and littering — to the annoyance of other visitors. The message at the closing of the ad reminds Chinese tourists to “be a good panda, be a good tourist”. However, the ad has since been pulled from CCTV for unknown reasons.

          According to news.com.au, 685,000 Chinese tourists visited Australia, accounting for the second largest group of visitors to Australia in 2013.

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          Paolo Ballesteros

          Filipino artiste Paolo Ballesteros is living proof that we can be who we want to be – well physically, at least.

          With the help of makeup, beauty tools like wigs and coloured contact lenses and superb makeup skills, of course, the 31-year-old artiste is capable of transforming himself to look like super stars such as Katy Perry, Kim Kardashian and Julia Roberts.

          Well, we certainly applaud Paolo’s skills. But we wonder if the artiste would do an equally good job at transforming himself into Asian celebrities from, say, the Kpop or Hong Kong TVB camps. The closet indication we have is probably Lucy Liu, which while is pretty impressive, looks a little sleepy to us. Check out his great work below. His Instragram account is @pochoy_29.

          Katy Perry

          katy perry

              Julia Roberts

          julia roberts

          Tyra Banks

          tyra banks

          Megan Fox

          megan fox

          Lucy Liu

          lucy liu

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            Most men have no qualms about admitting to watching porn. But what about women? If they do, would they be as open about it? After all, could the frequent searches for ‘Indian pornography sites’ on Google all be from the men?

            To find that out, a team from ‘Fame Fashion’ went about Mumbai, India to interview people about how they feel about women watching porn. Some decide that honesty is the best policy while others are more coy.  Watch the respondents bare it all in the video.

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              We can’t help but feel that the recent Nestle FITNESS breast cancer awareness campaign comes off as somewhat of a, well, booby trap.

              The campaign, which coincides with the breast cancer awareness month in October, involves getting an actress to wear a bra fitted with a camera and stroll around London for a day. The camera captures wandering eyes of men and women.

              The thing is, the actress was wearing her blouse unbuttoned nearly to her waist with the bright pink (yeah, no less) bra more than peeking out. How does one not look? Notwithstanding, you got to give it to the makers for producing such an entertaining video that contributes to a good cause. Most importantly, the message at the end had a clever call-to-action message:  ‘Your breasts are checked out every day. So when was the last time you checked your own? Checking your breasts regularly helps prevent breast cancer.’

              What’s your take on the campaign?

              For more information on breast cancer in Singapore, visit the Singapore Cancer Society website