5 reasons why anyone should even consider the LG G4 smartphone

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    LG G4
    Ceramic-plastic backs - metallic grey, ceramic white and gold

    For high-end smartphones, having an attractive design, great processing power and a high-resolution camera is not even something the manufacturers can shout about anymore. LG’s latest flagship smartphone, G4, is the Korean company’s attempt to excel in every feature its competitors offer and more. Decide for yourself whether these 5 areas of are enough to make you switch to the Android camp or upgrade your smartphone.

    Taking the best design features from previous LG phones

    In terms of design, the LG G4 took design cues from its curved screen G Flex 2 and last year’s G3 and refined it further. Designing a 5.5-inch display phone is by no means an easy task but LG did a great job by making it easier to hold and only marginally bigger than the previous G3. LG’s use of slim bezels with an ergonomically curved back definitely helped make the G4 easier to hold and have a better grip. According to LG, the very slight curvature of the G4 screen also makes the screen less likely to shatter when dropped.

    The IPS Quantum Display

    Bringing its television display technology to its phones, starting with the G4, LG’s new IPS Quantum Display (2560 x 1440 resolution with pixel density of 538 ppi if you are interested) is a cut above the rest. Unlike the over-saturated look of the Samsung Super AMOLED screens, the new panel displays crispier whites and deeper blacks while striking a good balance between punchy colours and image contrast. However, even with this ‘quantum’ leap in display technology, improving its colour gamut and brightness, we still prefer Apple’s colour calibration of its Retina HD panels. Just seems that much more natural in our opinion.

    LG G4
    IPS Quantum Display with slight curved screen

    A superb camera, both on the rear and the front

    The camera on the LG G4 is certainly the killer feature. Based on specs alone, G4’s camera triumphs all the phone cameras available in the market now with its f/1.8 (the lower the number the better) aperture camera, rare even for DSLR lenses. The iPhone 6 in comparison has an f/2.2 lens. This means that the LG G4 can shoot great images in the day as well as in low light conditions. Professional mobile photographers (if there’s such a term) will be glad to know that its high-resolution 16-megapixel rear camera can record images in RAW format for post-processing later on.

    The front-facing camera is also one of the best in the market. Its 8-megapixel monster is sure to please selfie lovers with its higher resolution and increased image details. Just remember to turn the ‘make-up’ effect off. Like the ASUS ZenPhone2, these automatic ‘make me beautiful’ filters from recent phones can be quite irritating, as their tendency to over edit sharpness and skin tones make images look unnatural.

    Available in plastic and leather

    The LG G4 comes with the option of a plastic or leather back. The plastic back range is available in 3 colours, metallic grey, ceramic white and gold and has a diamond-patterned design. The leather back range on the other hand, comes in 6 colours: brown, black, red, sky blue, beige, and yellow. Our preference is the leather covers. The plastic back options just make the phone look cheap.

    LG G4
    6 colour options for the leather version

    Removable battery

    While major competitors like Samsung are moving to fixed internal batteries, the LG G4 differentiates itself with a high capacity 3000mAH removable battery. Some power-hungry users will relish the fact that they now have the option of carrying spare batteries, much like the old days. But before you jump for joy, you need to be warned that the LG G4 does not come with any fast-charging technologies like the Qualcomm Quick Charge that has the ability to boost battery life rapidly. For us, we are not too concern with fixed or removable batteries. We can always keep a power bank in our bag.

    The LG G4 is a great phone is many aspects. Its unique design, fantastic camera and all-roundedness makes it serious competition for the likes of iPhone 6 Plus and popular Samsung phablets. If you are looking for an upgrade from last year’s G3, the G4 will certainly not disappoint. The LG G4 is going for S$928 for the ceramic-plastic versions and S$998 for the leather versions.