5 reasons why the FantaStick is not just another selfie stick

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    FantaStick BA700 colours

    The selfie stick has got to be one of the most used accessories in recent years. In fact, so common these days, you often have to walk around groups of people taking wefies (group selfies), probably several times a day.

    But a selfie stick is not just a selfie stick according to Ye!!. They have taken the once laughable rod to the next level. Called a FantaStick (read fantastic), this smartphone monopod is a selfie addict’s dream. Here are 5 reasons why.

    1. Shooting big groups of people

    The stick comes with 5 extendable sections to allow it to be extended up to 113cm. The Bluetooth range is 10 metres so it is great for taking a wefie with a big group of friends. When not using, you can shorten it all the way down to 25cm and put it in your bag.

    2. Better Bluetooth support

    We know this is not new. But Bluetooth is always a bane when trying to pair with iOS devices. The FantaStick monopod promises quick and painless pairing and it supports iOS devices running version 5.0 or above as well as Androids running 4.3 or above operating systems. No apps required.

    3. It charges your smartphone!

    A selfie stick with a power bank you say? The FantaStick comes with a 2,800mAh lithium-ion battery that can be recharged over 500 cycles. It is also your Bluetooth remote shutter and comes with an intelligent circuit that protects your device from overcharging.

    FantaStick BA700 charges your phone
    FantaStick BA700 charges your phone

    4. Works with compact cameras and camcorders

    If you don’t want to shoot using your phone, the connection point of the phone holder comes with a male thread for you to screw on your compact camera or camcorder. Just make sure you are not mounting a DSLR. It is still a selfie stick after all.

    5. Colours!

    If you like your selfie stick to scream ‘selfie taking in progress’, choose from the bright pink, red, orange and green. If not, the FantaStick BA700 is also available in more muted tones like black and blue.

    For all the added frills, it is more pricey than most selfie sticks out there. You can get it now for $89 each [email protected] Orchard Level 3, EpiCentre, EpiLife and istudio.