Spot the new gay emojis in the Apple iOS 8.3 release

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    A new range of emojis featuring gay couples and gay families has been unveiled by Apple. The new ‘diversity’ palate was rolled out on the latest iOS 8.3 for both the iPhone and iPad users.

    These new emojis include same-sex parents displaying two fathers or two mothers with options for sons or daughters. Other fun emojis include gay and lesbian couples kissing, faces from various races with different skin tones and an updated dancing girls emoji that now looks more like Playboy bunny girls. There is even an option to send a dark-skinned Santa Claus!


    The 300 new symbols seem to work best with users using the same iOS 8.3 update. For example, sending a dark-skinned emoji face to a user of lower version operating system like iOS 8.2 will result in it appearing as an alien symbol. This has resulted in some Apple users reacting to the ‘alien’ phenomenon on social media.

    The new emojis are probably Apple’s way of showing support for the LGBT community and embracing diversity after its statement earlier this year on diversity where it says it ‘cares deeply’. CEO of Apple, Tim Cook had also announced that he was “proud to be gay” after a long speculation on his sexual orientation.