If you are getting an iPad, go for the iPad Air 2. Here’s why

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    iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 3

    Apple has unveiled its blockbuster lineup at the recent keynote, aiming at the holiday season. Apart from introducing a myriad of product updates, Apple CEO Tim Cook also paid special attention to its iPhone 6 launch in China and boast about Vogue China’s feature of its Apple Watch on the magazine cover and editorial spread. While a lot of the keynote so far seem to be a pat on the back for the world’s more valuable company, the spotlight was on the latest iPad, the iPad Air 2. Apple had done an incredible job yet again on making the new iPad an amazing tablet. So, if you are getting a digital tablet this year, get the iPad Air 2. Here are 6 reasons why.


    1. Thinner than pencil thin

    The iPad Air 2 is seriously thin at only 6.1mm. The new iPad Air is more than 1mm thinner than last year’s iPad Air. The slimmer body also means that it has lost 32g and tips the scale at 437g, or a little heavier than a can of Coke.

    2. A lot faster than the iPad Air

    The iPad Air 2 runs on a new processor called the A8X.  This tiny and mighty chip has 3 billion transistors and according to Apple offers 40 percent faster performance and up to 2.5 times better graphics performance over the iPad Air.

    3. Better display and anti-reflective coating

    The displays on previous generations of iPad used three separate components with air gaps in between each one. Apple combined these three layers into one for the iPad Air 2, eliminating the gaps between layers. The result? A slimmer iPad displaying richer, sharper and more vivid images. On top of that, the new iPad also features an anti-reflective coating that cuts glare by 56 percent. Although this feature seems less sexy, this coating will improve the user’s experience on the iPad.

    4. Cameras that give you more control

    Apple upgraded both the rear and front-facing camera on the iPad Air 2. The rear shooter now captures 8 megapixel images and 1080p HD videos. New camera features include Time-lapse, Slo-mo, Burst mode, Timer mode and Panorama. Exposure control also allows you to adjust up to 4 f-stops for photographers who want more control. The front-facing camera is upgraded with a new sensor that performs better in poor lighting conditions.

    iPad Air 2 new iSight camera
    Exposure Control mode

    5. Still up to 10 hours of battery life

    Although incredibly thin and powerful (12 times more powerful and 180 times better graphic performance that the original iPad!), you still get pretty much get the same number of playtime on the iPad Air 2. We also wonder if the smaller capacity battery than that of the iPad Air will allow the Air 2 to charge a lot faster.

    6. Fingerprint security to give you peace of mind

    The Touch ID feature finally comes to the iPad, making the iPad uniquely yours using fingerprint recognition.

    Although the iPad Air 2 is not a radically new tablet, Apple had made the necessary advancement to make the iPad even more desirable. So, if there is a tablet that is worthy of us parting with our hard earned money this holiday season, it will be the iPad Air 2.

    Conversely, the iPad Mini 3 was a disappointment. Other than adding Apple’s fingerprint recognition Touch ID and a gold coloured version, the iPad Mini 3 is pretty much last year’s model.

    The lowest end model of the iPad Air 2 (16GB WIFI only) retails at S$688 and the highest end model at S$1,148 (128GB WIFI + Cellular). You can get yours at Apple store.


    iPad Air 2
    Available in Space Grey, Gold and Silver