Bang & Olufsen’s stylish BeoPlay A6 is a versatile wireless sound solution

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B&O Play A6

Known for its often curious design, Bang and Olufsen latest offering is a S$1,500 wireless speaker with three sound mode options depending on where it’s placed in a room. According to B&O, the predefined settings of Wall, Free and Corner optimises the performance of the speaker.

We have seen and experienced B&O’s picnic basket BeoLit 15 and the clutch bag BeoPlay A2 but the new BeoPlay A6 is something entirely different. The A6 has a unique curved form factor that houses a five-channel speaker with four speakers on the front and one full-tone driver pointing backwards that maximise the spaciousness of the sound. Each of the speaker has its own dedicated digital amplifier as well.

On the top part of the speaker is the A6’s innovative tap and swipe touch interface. It allows you to control your music, volume and pair with devices like your smartphone. You can also use your phone to perform these functions as well.

“BeoPlay A6 is an exciting new addition to the B&O PLAY line-up. We wanted to create a flexible and powerful music system tailored to the dynamic life of the modern music lover. As with all B&O PLAY products it features the characteristically balanced Bang & Olufsen Signature Sound, but this time there is a twist to the acoustic principles; The unique shape, angling of the five powerful speaker units and refined digital signal processing ensure that no matter where you are located in relation to BeoPlay A6, the spacious and detailed sound will surprise you”, says Henrik Taudorf Lorensen, VP of B&O PLAY.

B&O Play A6

B&O Play A6

Staying true to its minimalist design, the front of the speaker features the a subtle logo of the Danish company and is covered in a custom-made wool fabric developed in collaboration with textile maker Kvadrat, one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of design textiles. The delicate weaving pattern of sophisticated multi-coloured threads completes the BeoPlay A6’s high-end appearance. BeoPlay A6 is available in four colours – Light Grey, Dusty Blue, Dark Rose and Dark Grey.

While the speaker may look dainty due to it streamlined curved design, it is actually quite big compared to other wireless speakers. The BeoPlay A6 is 53.6cm wide and 29.8cm in height. You really can’t missed it whether you are hanging it up on the wall or just randomly placing it in your living room. And you probably won’t want it to be too inconspicuous given the rather high price for this investment piece.

Connectivity-wise, our experience with other B&O products like the Beolit 15 definitely wasn’t good. We had hell trying to pair our Apple products with it. So we hope the BeoPlay A6, with its ability to stream music through AirPlay, DLNA or Bluetooth 4.0 is a lot better. Our Spotify playlists need some love.

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