BeoPlay S8: Style and sound in a smaller package

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    BeoPlay S8

    Known for its high-performance audio products and stylish design, Danish company Bang & Olufsen is introducing a new set of speakers called BeoPlay S8 to its BeoPlay line.

    Designed by Torsten Valeur, an award-winning Danish industrial designer who also designed the BeoLab 14 system, the much smaller BeoPlay S8 bears striking resemblance to the former. Crafted with premium materials like pearl-blasted aluminium, the speakers exude quality and feel solid, while maintaining B&O’s signature sleek and minimalist design.

    The matte-black aluminium BeoPlay S8 speaker system comes with a subwoofer and a pair of satellite speakers. Housed inside the 8-inch subwoofer is a dedicated 280-watt amplifier that is able to handle a frequency range from 20-150 Hz like a walk in the park. If you don’t know what that means, it basically means that the subwoofer is able to produce all audible bass sounds. Any sound lower than 20 Hz can only be felt through vibration, not heard. The satellite speakers are equally impressive with its 2.5-inch full range speaker drivers, each powered by a dedicated 140-watt amp, placed inside the subwoofer.

    Setting up the BeoPlay S8 is pretty straightforward. Plug it to a power source and connect to a streaming device like Apple’s AirPort Express or a Sonos Connect, or hook it up the old school way to your audio amplifier and you are good to go. B&O had kindly included table stands, wall brackets and all the cables needed at no extra charge.


    Sleek as it is, our main gripe is that this is not a wireless system. Although the wires are kept to a minimum, we had hoped that the satellite speakers were wireless at least, so that we have more freedom in deciding where to place them given how the apartments in Singapore are getting smaller.

    All that style will cost you $2,200, not to be unexpected from the luxurious B&O. You can test them out at Bang & Olufsen’s showroom at Grand Hyatt Singapore.