Watch: Probably the best iPhone 6 leak video yet

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    Is this Apple's new iPhone 6?

    Could this be how the new iPhone 6 will look like?

    We’re one week away from the (insert whatever Apple wishes to call their new phone) announcement event, and rumours are hotting up on how their new flagship smartphone will look like.

    Russian YouTuber Rozetked used mockups and leaked drafts to create the most wholesome 4.7-inch iPhone 6 yet in space gray.

    The video shows the phone having a unibody, with rounder edges and a thinner profile when compared to the current iPhone 5/5S model.

    The phone’s interior is just as intriguing, with the video revealing an Apple A8 processor and a near field communication (NFC) chip, which would mean mobile payment is well on its way to the iPhone.

    The camera shown in the video protrudes out of the back of the phone a little, which is a bit of a bummer, and may displease some. However, we feel that this is a “problem” we can easily get over, especially if you use your phone with a protective case.

    Of course, everything in this video could just be bull – it is, after all, a video put together from rumours – but rumours have proven to be extremely accurate based on recent Apple product launches.

    Singapore launch date

    On a separate note, mark down 19 September on your calendar. HardwareZone has published a tip off on the launch date for the iPhone 6 in Singapore. It also included the launch date for the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, said to be 26 September.

    The article mentions that its sources had been accurate in the launch date tip offs for the iPhone 4S/5C/5S and the Galaxy S III/4/5 previously.