Beware of this Android ‘The Interview’ app that’s stealing bank account details

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    the interview android trojan

    Even if you have not watched The Interview, you would have heard of it by now given the media frenzy surrounding the movie. Scammers are now riding on the movie’s cult popularity to steal bank account details. A fake Android app has been making its rounds in South Korea, promising to download a copy of the movie but actually using it to swipe users’ bank account details by means of an Android trojan.

    A movie referred to as “the movie of terrorism” that was recently pulled from cinemas following a hacking incident on Sony Pictures, is now distributed mostly online. Hogging the headlines due to the Sony Pictures bending to the threats of hackers who called themselves “Guardians of Peace”, the controversial movie has earned $15 million online, making it one of the most successful movie released online.

    Nothing is for free
    Nothing is for free

    According to security researcher Graham Cluley, the fake app is really an Android trojan detected by McAfee as Android/Badaccents, which targets customers of Korean banks and one international bank (Citibank).

    Surprisingy, the trojan is programmed to not affect North Korean smartphone users. To date, some 20,000 devices have been infected. McAfee has notified Amazon Web Security (the banking trojan is hosted on Amazon Web Services) of its findings, to have these files removed to prevent further infections.

    So, do yourself a favour, go download the orignial movie from iTunes.

    The Interview is a political comedy about an assassination of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. It stars James Franco and Seth Rogen.