Bring your Apple Watch for a swim with the Catalyst Apple Watch Case

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    Catalyst's water and impact proof Apple Watch case

    Many of my friends have forked out a handsome sum for the head-turning Apple Watch. And a handful of them literally eat, sleep and shower with the watch, making sure that its presence is always felt, except when it needs a charge of course. I have never felt comfortable exercising with the watch, let alone bringing it anywhere close to water even though my geek friends have assured me that it’s alright.

    Furthermore, the Apple Watch is more for a runner than for a swimmer. Give me a pool and a pair of goggles any day but running in the hot Singapore weather? Probably not.

    That might change with the newly launched Catalyst case, a fully functional waterproof case for the 42mm Apple Watch. The case received the CES Innovation Awards 2016 Honouree earlier this year and looks promising with a waterproof rating of IP68. What this means is that the case not only protects your Apple Watch from dust, it protects it from continuously submersion in water up to a depth of 50m. The sturdy hardshell case can also withstand drops from up to 1 metres, making accidental slips of the watch from standing height pretty much harmless.

    Catalyst Case basically seals off the critical areas of your Apple Watch that can potentially cause water damage. Areas like the watch face, heart rate sensors, charging point at the back are exposed, allowing you to use all the functions of the watch with the case on. A special rotating crown and side button is integration into the case to give protection to these venerable buttons.

    Catalyst Apple Watch Case exploded view
    The case leaves the watch face and back open, allowing you to access the watch’s features
    Catalyst Apple Watch Case back
    The case design allows you to still access the heart rate sensors.
    Catalyst Apple Watch Case colours
    L-R: Classic Stealth Black, rugged Rescue Ranger and trendy Green Pop

    The case adds versatility and ruggedness to the Apple Watch, making trips to the beach a breeze. Personally, I still like the option of wearing the Apple Watch as a dress watch, but the light 35g Catalyst case now opens up the possibilities of wearing it for sports like swimming and boxing classes. The S$99 Catalyst Apple Watch Case comes in 3 colours – classic Stealth Black, rugged Rescue Ranger and trendy Green Pop – and is now available at Epicentre and Ante stores island-wide.