How you can donate to charities without spending a single cent with Happi

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    Happi mobile app on smartphone

    Happi, a mobile community social enterprise launched a new web and mobile app that lets users donate to a cause they care about in just 30 seconds per day, all without having to fork out a single cent.

    Founder and Chief Happiness Officer, Greg Lipper, says that people in Singapore are so busy that they find it challenging to support the causes and groups they care about. “Happi now gives people a fast, easy, free, and rewarding way to give support to the group they care about. This is a great example of how social enterprises can create huge social benefit while also being sustainable without individual financial support, and at a very grassroots level.”

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    How it works

    After signing up as a member on Happi, users accumulate “Smile” credits by taking five-question surveys on categories like travel, health and dining. Think of it like a group buying and discount coupon concept where you use “Smile” instead of “Likes” to select the promotion or deal you want to buy, download onto your phone or win. The main difference here is that Happi comes with a survey that will take you roughly 30 seconds to complete in order for you to earn “Smile” credits. And for every “Smile” credit used, Happi will then contribute 10 cents to a charity or cause that you choose. If you hit 10 deals within a month, you will receive an additional chance to win each item you selected.

    Currently 45 teams, clubs, charities, student groups and community groups are selected to benefit from this effort. Some of these include Habitat for Humanity, Breast Cancer Foundation, Association for Persons with Special Needs and Causes for Animals Singapore. Happi estimates that for every 1,000 actively engaged users with each completing a survey a day, Happi will be able to donate $144,000 annually to each partner organisation.

    The app is free for both iOS and Android users. To find out more, visit