Caudabe Veil XT: The thinnest iPhone 6 cases you can find

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    Caudabe Veil XT collection

    Not comfortable leaving your precious iPhone 6 ‘naked’ in the wild and not ready for a armour-like casing that turns Jony Ive’s pride and joy into one big ugly bar? Good news, the Veil XT case by Caudabe will solve that dilemma.

    At just 0.35mm thickness, it will be like a second skin on your iPhone. The Caudabe Veil XT line is precisely cut to fit the iPhone perfectly. The case has specific cutouts for all kinds of buttons and openings on the iPhone 6 – volume buttons, headphone jack, lightning port and even the 6 little speaker holes.

    What we like about the case is that it provides protection on all sides of the phone and also features a raised 0.7mm ridge around the camera cutout to protect the iPhone 6’s rear protruding camera lens. Furthermore, the matte plastic feels good and greatly improves the grip on iPhone 6’s slippery anodised aluminium enclosure.

    Caudabe Veil XT collection

    Caudabe Veil XT collection

    So, if you are looking for a thin case, the Veil XT is the thinnest will find on the market today. But don’t expect it to save your phone from ‘butter finger moments’ when the phone slips and performs a multi-foot drop. The S$36 Caudabe Veil XT case is now available in Singapore at [email protected] at Tangs Plaza, [email protected] Scotts Level 2, EpiCentre and EpiLife. Our favourite colour in the collection is Wisp Black for the Space Grey iPhone, but there is also Frost, Aquamarine and Pink to choose from.