Alcatel goes budget with PIXI 3 smartphones and OneTouch WATCH

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    CES 2015: Alcatel
    Alcatel OneTouch WATCH

    Alcatel has announced their latest range of products, the PIXI 3, a series of smartphones that is operating system agnostic and WATCH, an accessibly priced smartwatch. In the announcement, the company said these affordable smartphones can run on three major operating systems, namely Android, Windows and FireFox OS.

    A lot of millennials probably never even heard of the brand Alcatel. Even we were surprised that they managed to hang around for so long in an industry where even former leaders like Nokia and Blackberry struggle in.

    The company has secured a booth at CES 2015 (Consumer Electronics Show) and will announce the pricing of its products starting from 6 January.

    But it seems like the company is going the “Xiaomi way” by introducing 4 competitively priced versions of the Alcatel PIXI 3, starting with a 3.5-inch 3G model for the budget-conscious. According to the press release, other models include a 4-inch, a 4.5-inch and a 5-inch screen smartphone capable of both 3G and 4G LTE connectivity.


    CES 2015: Alcatel
    The PIXI 3 series come in 4 sizes; 3-inch, 4-inch, 4.5-inch and 5-inch

    “Our users do not want complicated systems — they want something familiar from their work environment in the office, but also on a smartphone,” said ALCATEL ONETOUCH Chief Marketing Officer Dan Dery.

    Not to miss out on the tech wearables market segment, Alcatel will also be launching a smartwatch at CES 2015 that they named WATCH, how apt. According to the company, the smartwatch will retail at a fraction of the cost of competitors. All we know is that the watch will come with sensors, apps to monitor activities, receive notifications and connects to your Android smartphones.

    It remains to be seen how the Alcatel’s PIXI 3 series and WATCH will fare in the market. But if they deliver a seamless experience at an eye-poppingly low price, they might just have themselves a winner.