Emiota’s Belty smart belt loosens buckle when you overeat

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    Emiota belty smart belt

    It has come to this. A smart belt that monitors how much you eat. This new product called ‘Belty’ loosens itself to make you more comfortable by automatically adjusting itself throughout the day depending on how much you eat.

    French startup Emiota unveiled the smart fitness belt on the first day of CES 2015. We all know that the waistline is a key indicator of health and that a larger waist is linked to a higher risk of cardiovascular diseases. Emiota hopes that Belty can provide some health benefits by prompting you to be more active – it tells you when you’ve been sitting down for too long.

    Emiota Belty smart belt
    I better buckle up before my buffet

    The smart belt connects with an app that charts the data collected through its sensors, accelerator and even a gyroscope to adjust the belt in real-time. The prototype displayed at CES comes with a buckle that looks clunky and heavy. And frankly, it looks really ugly. It would be great if the buckle is detachable so that we can latch the belt with other more stylish buckles.

    The bulky looking Belty looks targeted at the male species. So gentlemen, you might just have created a new market segment called BIG WAIST. We think the belt should come with a reverse mode, to allow people to tighten their belt instead of loosening it, to prevent overeating. Burp!