Why walk the dog when you can fly this AirDog

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    I have never quite taken to flying drones. First of all, I don’t want to turn into one of those drone video fanatics, taking all sorts of aerial videos they don’t know what to do with after. Kind of like the hoards of pictures taken with the smartphone. And secondly, drones that do nothing but fly, especially the small ones, are like flies. You see cart pushers peddling them in shopping malls and you feel like swatting them.

    But that is not going to stop the revolution of drones. If 2014 is the year of drones, then 2015 is the year they will be put to work. Remember Amazon saying that your parcels will be delivered to your door by drones?

    AirDog is the latest flying machine to enter the space. Shaped like a dog and comes with a ‘leash’ strapped to your wrist, the drone follows you wherever you go. Other than being cool to ‘walk’ a flying robot dog, we see a big potential of it being use in video-ing action sports like mountain climbing, biking sports and even water rafting. I would love to try it on my next skydive trip and see if the AirDog can keep up at terminal velocity.

    The AirDog comes with a suite of sensors like accelerometer, gyroscope, barometer, magnetometer, GPS and even a sonar that prevents it from crashing into a tree. You will need a camera like GoPro too to complete the set. You can’t buy the AirDog yet as the development team is still testing it with a panel of professionals in various sports. You can however pre-order it on airdog.com. The team is now showcasing the AirDog at CES 2015.

    They say dogs are a man’s best friend. The AirDog might just change my mind about flying drones after all.