Clips by Apple makes creating and sharing videos so simple

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    Clips by Apple

    Apple’s new app, Clips, is finally here and we can’t wait to use it. Announced a couple of weeks earlier, we were eagerly waiting for the “coming soon” label to go away on their marketing page. We are hoping that this app will help us speed up the video creation-to-social media workflow.

    For those who don’t know what Clips does, Clips is Apple’s solution for turning around quick videos and making them sharable immediately to social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Vimeo as well as messaging apps. The app is on available on the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.

    First things first, installing the app. When we hit the download button, we were greeted with a pop-up saying our iOS version is not up-to-date. This means that Clips requires at least iOS 10.3 to run it. So for those who have stayed off the upgrading, this is Apple’s way of gently forcing you to update the operating system if you want to use the 40Mb app.

    Once you fire up the app, you will be greeted with a quick video of good-looking people shooting with Clips on their iPhones and iPads. Once you hit the “Get Started” button, you will see a square screen with a big red button with the words “Hold To Record”. Video shooting starts once you press the red button and you can record for as long as you like without restrictions. You can also add images and movie clips from your photo library to add to the footage you just shot.

    Clips by Apple - screenshots

    Clips by Apple key features:

    Live Titles
    Clips has a few interesting features and Live Titles is one of them. Live Titles is basically an auto-caption feature that adds captions to your video. To activate, tap on the text-bubble icon on the top of the screen and say what you need when recording a clip or adding a still. Clips will pop the text onto the video, syncing it perfectly with your voice. If voice is not required (not everyone is a DJ), just mute the recording to show only the auto-generated captions.

    Video Editing
    Combining multiple footages into a single video is easy. Just think of the “Hold To Record” as a pause button and keep adding video frames till you are done. To edit, drag and drop frames into your desired sequence with your finger. A star-like icon allows you to easily add stickers like “hello”, “hi there” and emojis to clips the video sequence.

    Add Background Music
    Finally, finish up your video with background music before publishing it. Clips comes with a good selection of music grouped by genre like Pop, Playful and Chill that you can download and use for free. You can also import from your own music library if you want.

    Share to Social Media

    Once you are done with that, simply click on the share button located at the bottom of the app to share it on Instagram, YouTube and Facebook. You can also send the videos individually to selected friends through messaging apps like WhatsApp.

    If the need for video editing has stopped you from creating videos and sharing them before, Apple’s Clips might change that. You probably have to play with it a bit more before getting comfortable, but once you are off the training wheels, it shouldn’t take you more than a couple of minutes to create a share-ready video.

    So did the app live up to our expectations? We like Clips because it is easy to use and simple workflow for social media video creation but we are disappointed that videos can only shot in square format. So while useful for Facebook and Instagram, it will not be full screen for YouTube and Vimeo. We are hoping that Apple will take this into consideration and offer this feature in the next app update.

    Click on this link to download Clips by Apple. It’s free.